FBI concealed from Democrats suspicions of the “Russian trace” in cyberattacks

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) for several months has not given the Democrats about a possible “Russian trace” in the attacks on the network of the party. About this Reuters said three people familiar with the source. In Moscow of any involvement in the hacking has repeatedly denied.

According to the Agency, for the first time the FBI contacted the representatives of the party about the activity of hackers last fall. However, neither then nor in the next several months, representatives of the Bureau reported that the attack is being investigated as a Russian espionage.

According to one of interlocutors of Reuters, the lack of complete data prevented the staff of the national Committee of the democratic party (DNC) to take steps that would help to reduce the number of stolen emails and documents. Instead, the hackers who security researchers have connected with the Russian authorities during several months had access to the computers of the Democrats during the final phase of the presidential campaign, stated the source.

The interlocutors Reuters said that in June the hackers had access to DNC and also to the network that is used by the Committee to raise funds for the campaign retractable congressional Democrats.

During the initial contact last fall, the FBI instructed the staff of the democratic party to look for signs of unusual activity in the networks, said one of the sources of the Agency. In the end, the officers failed to find anything suspicious. At the request of the representatives of the DNC to provide additional information that would help you to track intrusions, the FBI refused. The interlocutors noted that in the following months, the secret service several times discussed the case of attacks, but did not mention the possible involvement of Russia.

DNC specialists in information technology were not aware of the seriousness of the hacking until late March, said the sources. How exactly do the Democrats understand how serious the threat is not specified.

Representatives of the FBI and the DNC refused to comment on the Agency information.

The candidate in US presidents from Democrats, Hillary Clinton was accused of hacking the Russian special services. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in response pointed out that her statement “does not contain anything specific” and made in the genre of pre-election rhetoric. “Charges by Russian hackers in some action does not mean the prosecution of the leadership of Russia”, — he added.

The Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the words of Secretary Clinton, said that it is “unproven accusations” that are “thrown in” to influence voters in the United States.