Kiev accepted: why Russia and Ukraine argued for the Ambassador

The Condition Of Kiev

Approval of the candidacy of the new Russian Ambassador to Ukraine depends on how the events will develop in the East of the country, said Thursday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. “Today we are not talking about the candidates or any specific things, but about creating a positive momentum around the whole context of Russian aggression all around what is happening in the Donbass”, — said Klimkin. He stressed that Kiev “needs a positive trend, in order to move on.”

Olena zerkal, Deputy Klimkin, on Thursday, was more categorical. In the air of the Ukrainian “channel 5”, she stated that the issue of the appointment of the new Russian Ambassador “removed from the agenda, and reminded that in Moscow the Ukrainian Ambassador there since the beginning of 2014. He was recalled after the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

The previous Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov worked in Kyiv since 2010. It was withdrawn from the Ukrainian capital in February 2014 and returned in June of the same year to attend the inauguration ceremony of President Petro Poroshenko and to continue the work. July 28, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin freed him from his duties.

Recently, the parties to the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine and the observers record the tensions and frequent attacks. On Wednesday, according to the UN office for human rights, in June and July the number of civilian casualties compared with the previous nine months had doubled (to 71). At the talks in Minsk for several months failed to agree on a document on de-escalation. This also failed to achieve at the next meeting of the Trilateral contact group on Wednesday.

Moscow candidate does not change

The Kremlin considers to represent the interests of Russia in Ukraine should be a person in the status of Ambassador, another candidate in Moscow to offer do not intend to, declared on Thursday to journalists the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov. “We still are supporters [of the appointment of the Ambassador] offered to the Ambassador of Russia was in Kiev”, — he said.

The main candidate for the post of Ambassador Mikhail Babich, the presidential envoy in the Volga Federal district. That the proposed Babich was told by several sources. His candidature was approved by the relevant committees of the state Duma and the Federation Council, reported news Agency, citing sources.

For the appointment of a new Ambassador, the consent of the receiving party (the agrement). However, if she does not agree upon a candidate, you can offer another. Now Moscow has another candidate no. “The Russian side has offered, and still offers a well — known option,” – said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov on a question of journalists, does Moscow intend to seek an alternative Babich. Last week Sands announced that Kiev was sent all the necessary documents to obtain approval. But on Thursday, Director of policy and communications Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Alexei Makeyev said the Ukrainian side has not formally been informed of any offer.

It would be strange if from Kiev was not followed by any “dirty tricks” in connection with the appointment of the new Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine, says the Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky. The Kremlin was prepared for difficulties in connection with the approval of the candidates, told close to the presidential administration interlocutors. Moscow has a concern that Ukraine will not give approval, it will lead to conflict, which Russia will have to respond, said one of them.

If Russia wants to achieve the appointment of an Ambassador, given the statement Klimkin, it will have to make efforts to change the situation in the relations, suggests the Russian diplomat Anatoly Adamishin.However, we cannot exclude that in case of need the Ukrainian authorities to disavow the words of his Minister, adds the diplomat. In addition to the authorities consent to the arrival of the new Ambassador should give the radical part of society, specifies Ukrainian scientist Karasev, and that in the case of Babic did not happen, the native of power structures could not support. If Russia is to insist on his candidacy, it may lead to the rupture of diplomatic relations, says Karasev.

“Babich, a former KGB officer, and in a high rank, is a mockery of Ukraine, suffering from unleashed Russian war <…> we deserved such treatment, if still has not severed diplomatic relations with the country, which are fighting”, — confirms the assumption Karasev, a former Ukrainian diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko in the column for the Ukrainian portal “New time”. To work in the Volga Federal district Babich was a member of the state Duma, he served in the airborne troops and the KGB, led the Corporation “Antei”, some time was assistant chief of the border service of the FSB, and also worked as a Prime Minister of Chechnya.

From the intractability of Kiev may suffer and the interests of Ukraine, including economic, says Slutsky. Therefore, the problematic situation will be time-limited in nature and will be resolved soon in favor of the approval of Moscow’s proposed candidate, the Deputy is sure.

Work without ambassadors

During the absence of the Ambassador the work dipuchrezhdeniya, with the rank of chargé d’affaires headed by Sergei Toropov, about which virtually nothing is known. The mirror, speaking about the work Zurabov, said that his role in the formation of relationships was minimal. Karasev draws attention to the fact that Zurabov was a friend of President Poroshenko, had access to it and be able to work effectively as a liaison. At the moment the need for that person at the Kremlin fell, he suggests.

Since the work of the Embassy under current conditions was virtually phased out, on the effectiveness of the absence of the Ambassador will not affect, said Karasev, the more that the consular offices will continue to work.

From the point of view of formal duties of chargé d’affaires in the country is obliged to perform the duties of the Ambassador in case of vacation or leaving home, his potential is quite equivalent to the capacity of Ambassador, all depends on the personality that someone might not dare to Express opinions, and someone on the contrary, says Adamishin.

In the history of bilateral relations has had a long period without an Ambassador. In June 2009, from left Kiev Viktor Chernomyrdin and Zurabov managed to travel to Kiev in January 2010. His credentials were received, not the President, who at that time was Viktor Yushchenko, whose relations with Moscow have been difficult, and the Minister of foreign Affairs, a post which at that time was occupied by Poroshenko.

The current story is pretty much can affect the relations between the two countries, said the Director of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov. If Ukraine refuses Babich in agrement, it would be difficult to convince many partners, including in the West, in the sincerity of their “intentions” to improve relations with Russia, he says.

If Kiev agreed to accept a new Ambassador, it would be perceived as a willingness to return to a normal relationship, for Ukraine it is unacceptable therefore it was decided to keep the relationship on the lower level, while the Kiev authorities do not go on rupture of relations, although such proposals are heard in Parliament, says the Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko. According to him, choosing the response, Kiev took into account the opinion of the Western partners which would be considered unacceptable breakup of a relationship at this time, when the fighting is not as extensive.