The Kremlin called “stuffing” reports of a gas attack in the area of falling of Mi-8

Reporters asked press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov to comment on reports the Agency Reuters that in the night of Tuesday in the crash of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter in the Syrian province of Idlib was dropped containers with toxic gas. If there is an operation of retribution, said the journalists, reports .

“You’re talking about the modalities of the operation is not in the Kremlin need to address the issue. We have no information about the operation, and especially on such as stuffing very difficult to respond. You never know, based on what”, — said Peskov.

Press Secretary of the President also was asked to comment on the possibility of connecting strategic aviation after the attack on Mi-8, which killed three Russian pilots and two officers. On Tuesday I wrote about this “Kommersant”. “It is not for us to question,” — said Peskov advised to seek review in the defense Ministry.

One more question on the situation in Syria, referred to the statements of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, who yesterday urged Russia to refrain from offensive operations in the country. It Sands forwarded to his counterpart Maria Zakharova, from the Russian foreign Ministry.

According to Reuters, gas containers dumped in the night on Tuesday with the helicopter on the Syrian city of Seracare, which was shot down Mi-8. The Agency recalls that when representatives of the Syrian civil defense (she calls herself neutral organization volunteers). According to them, the result of the gas poisoning received 33 people, mostly women and children.

About the use of gas in Seracare Reuters also informed observers of the Syrian center for monitoring the observance of human rights. What kind of gas was used is unknown, but staff of the Syrian civil defense assume it was chlorine.

A military Mi-8 helicopter was shot down yesterday in Idlib province over the area, which, as reported by the Russian General staff, monitors banned in Russia, the group “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”, which was renamed last week in Front of the Fatah al-sham”. The Kremlin and the defense Ministry reported that all aboard — a crew of three men and two officers killed. In a statement, the military Department stated that the helicopter was returning to the base Hamim “after the delivery of humanitarian aid in Aleppo city”.

The number of victims of the operation in Syria after a helicopter crash has risen to 19 people.

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As reported on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”, after the attack on Mi-8 in military once again began to consider the option of connection of strategic aviation, which could strike blows to positions of fighters in Aleppo province, where the helicopter came back. The final decision will be made on the results of the consultations in the General staff, the newspaper reports.