Trump is interested in the possibility of using nuclear weapons

About interest trump the possibilities of the use of nuclear weapons said in his program on MSNBC TV journalist Joe Scarborough. He relied on an unnamed source, who claimed that he spoke with the Republican presidential candidate, according to business channel CNBC.

According to Scarborough, a few months ago trump consulted with some foreign policy expert and three times asked him that if the United States possess nuclear weapons, then why can’t they use it.

The journalist told about the issues of trump talking about nuclear weapons during an interview with the former CIA Director and former Director of the national security Agency Michael Hayden. He also asked him how quickly nuclear weapons can be brought to combat readiness if the President would approve of its use.

“It depends on the script, but the system is designed to respond to quick decisions. It is not intended to discuss solutions,” said Hayden.

CNBC asked in the election campaign trump with a request for clarification by email and awaiting a response.

During the election campaign, trump has made some loud statements on the topic of foreign policy. He expressed his intention “to get along with Putin” warned about the threat of a Third world war over the Crimea, promised to consider the legitimacy of joining the Peninsula to Russia and has set the conditions for military assistance to NATO allies.

Trump had previously expressed concerns that the part of the US nuclear Arsenal can be disabled. “We have a lot of retired nuclear weapons, and we don’t even know if it works”, — he said.

Speaking in April with his foreign policy program, trump emphasized that U.S. armed forces should not lag behind in the pace of development of military programmes of China and Russia. He also insisted that American soldiers should be used abroad only when absolutely necessary.