Turkish intelligence will be divided into two parts after the coup

The Turkish authorities decided to restructure the National intelligence service (MIT) after the military coup in the country. This writes the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News.

According to the publication, the restructuring involves the division of the MIT in foreign and domestic intelligence, which would be subject to different authorities.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking on Tuesday in Ankara, said that the intelligence service would be restructured, as could not prevent a coup attempt in the country.

On the eve of Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said that the government is working to create a more effective exploration in the country. “We need to create a system of intelligence that will provide the intelligence for the security of the state, not against the people,” he said.


Military coup attempt in Turkey, carried out on the night of 16 July, has already led to the reform of the armed forces of the country. According to the decree of the President, the army, naval and air forces of Turkey have withdrawn from the authority of the General staff and was reassigned directly to the Ministry of national defence of Turkey. The President and Prime Minister of Turkey received the right to give orders to the commander in chief of the armed forces directly without the approval of any authorities, and the military are obliged to immediately put such orders in execution.