Yevgeny Urlashov has received 12,5 years of a colony

Kirovsky court of Yaroslavl on Wednesday, August 3, announced the last part of the sentence to the former mayor of Yaroslavl Evgeny Urlashov, his assistant Alexei Lopatin and Deputy mayor Dmitry Donskov. Urlashov, in aggregate, was sentenced to 12 years and six months in a strict regime colony, reports “RIA Novosti”. He was sentenced to seven years, and Donskov was previously found not guilty.

Sentence Urlashov also sentenced to a fine in the amount of 60 million rubles, reports “Interfax”. The court found him guilty of receiving a bribe of 17 million rubles and attempted receiving a bribe in especially large size, he was convicted of brokering bribes.

The Prosecutor demanded for Urlashov 15 years in prison. However, the court took into account mitigating circumstances — the elderly mother, teenage daughter and positive characteristics, including the local police officer and at the place of work, writes “RIA Novosti”. The court found his actions very serious and undermines the authority of the government.

The sentence was read three days, on Tuesday, the court recognized Urlashov and Lopatin guilty on these two counts. Innocent, the court found the third defendant in the case Donskova. The court decided that the state Prosecutor was not provided with any evidence of his guilt. Donskov said that in the event its justification ready to return to politics.

Urlashov until the end of the process, insisted on his innocence and, even delivering his last speech, asked the court to understand the intricacies of his case. After the verdict, he called the case political. “It is a political order. All revolutionaries were in prison,” said Urlashov (quoted by “Interfax”).

A bribe for the mayor

Urlashov was detained in July 2013, having worked on a post of the mayor of Yaroslavl. Shortly before his arrest he said that he was going to nominate his candidacy for the post of Governor of the region.

Operation on its detention conducted by the Main Department of economic security (GUEB and PC), whose leadership after the year itself was under investigation on charges of tampering with evidence and organize provocations. Now the Moscow city court considers the case of the head GUEB and PC Denis Sugrobov and his subordinates.

First Urlashov was charged with receiving a “rollback” in the amount of RUB 14 million, and then the second bribe in the amount of 30 million rubles. for the First sum, according to the prosecution, the mayor demanded from the Director of the company Radostroy, OOO and the party member “United Russia” Sergey Shmelev. The money was supposed to be “back” from the amount of the contract, which firm Shmelev received for work done for garbage collection in the city, to the materials of the case.

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The second bribe, insists the prosecution, Urlashov ostensibly demanded from the businessman Eduard Avdalyan for the transfer of a controlling stake in city road construction management company “Artistry” whose Director he was.

Himself Urlashov has repeatedly stated during the trial he is innocent and his case was fabricated in order to remove from the city the mayor uncomfortable. “With me it was impossible to negotiate, and I decided to plant” — Urlashov said at a meeting of the Moscow city court, which extended his arrest. He insisted that in the case materials there is evidence of wiretaps of his talks and business negotiations, which confirm his position and accuses businessmen in collusion and fraud.

Said and went out

Prior to the trial, Urlashov was detained in Moscow remand prison “Matrosskaya Tishina” — the place of investigation. In support of it were opposition leaders Boris Nemtsov and Ilya Yashin, as well as was instructed the businessman Mikhail Prokhorov — a founder of the party “Civic platform”, which acted Urlashov.

The trial of the former mayor began in September of 2015 and lasted for almost a year.

The main evidence the investigation was the testimony of two other defendants in the case — businessman Andrei Zakharov and the head of the Agency for the municipal order municipality Maxim Poikalainen. They confessed and were convicted in a special manner. In December 2014 Poikalainen was sentenced to five years in a penal colony, and in April 2015 the court announced the verdict Zakharov, appointed him one year and 10 months. A month later — in April — Zakharov was released on parole. And the period of Poikalainen was reduced by one year.

At the end of the proceedings the Prosecutor asked to sentence Urlashov to 15 years in prison.