Looking for work Russians noticed the improvement in the labour market

Looking for work Russians noticed the improvement in the labour market

The Russians, seeking work for the first time in 2016 will have noticed the improvement in the labor market, according to the new study HeadHunter. In the third quarter, the index of well-being” of applicants has risen to a value -0,04 while the first two quarters remained at the level of -0.1. The index shows the mood of the workers in a given period of time: level of “-1” indicates negative expectations, and “+1″ — stable. The pace, according to the study, if in the economy there will be no adverse changes” to the end of the year index may reach positive values.

Depresiunea only in Moscow and in the Caucasus

The only regions where the index is already in positive zone (+0.01), and became St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region — where the applicants have always been more optimistic than the market as a whole”, noted HeadHunter. The most pessimistic situation on the labour market perceived by the residents of Moscow and Moscow region and regions of the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts — in these regions the index of well-being is -0,06. However, the situation has improved significantly compared to the first half of 2016, when the index ranged from -0,11 -0,13 before.

However, neither Moscow nor the North Caucasus from the southern Federal district was not included in the number of territories where, in the opinion of the applicants, the most difficult to find a job, although the situation there is worse than the national average. The worst your job prospects to assess the residents of Siberia and the Far East — the index of the difficulty of finding work, which also calculates the HeadHunter, and there is -0,4 -0,41, respectively (the average for Russia -0,36). The most positive attitudes in this sphere, employees of the Petersburg companies (-0,3).

Employers refuse to wait-and-see tactics and begin to implement new projects aimed at business development, winning new market niches”, says General Director of personnel Agency “yuniti” Vladislav Lobanov. “If employers activity in the summer and fall 2015 was created by “pent-up demand” — was looking for a replacement to the retiring employees, now the company recruit people for new tasks and “unfrozen” projects. A significant proportion of orders are concentrated in import-substituting food production,” adds the head of Department on work with clients of the company Olga Goriunova.

HeadHunter asked respondents about the stability of their position at the current place of work. Less cuts, according to the company, I’m afraid in the far East. The prospect of possible cuts more than others scares the residents of the Urals, Moscow and Moscow region.

The applicants also asked the question about finding part-time work — such a possibility for yourself considering 52% of respondents, 10% have additional income. To provide themselves with additional income are the most willing residents of the southern and North Caucasus districts, and the Northwest district. The least willingness to additional employment was expressed by the respondents from Central Federal district including Moscow and Moscow region.

Sales and fitness

Better than others, according to the survey HeadHunter, are the candidates working in fitness clubs and beauty salons, as well as in sales. The index of well-being in these industries is 0.05 and 0.04. In addition, positive sentiment and told the respondents who work in medicine (0,03) marketing and advertising (0,02). The index of well-being was zero from IT, and employees from other industries talk about the negative expectations. Worst of all Affairs are the employees of insurance companies (-0,21) and representatives of top management (-0,18).

At the same executives, as evidenced by the results of the study more difficult than the others to find a new job. The index of the difficulties of finding a new place for them is -0,61. Top managers were also among those most critical to find a job in the near future (-0,51 in the index), however, compared to other industries they are not so sure that they will be able to do it, in addition, managers in General are not willing to lower their salary expectations.

More than other layoffs, the fear, the insurers — the stability index for the current work in the field is only 0.02. In the penultimate place on stability turned out to procurement, but the index there is at 0.25. Less all reductions are afraid of non-profit organizations (0,58), students and young workers (0,55), as well as people employed in arts, entertainment and media (0,49).

In 2016, the activity of the companies looking for professionals, increased by 10% compared with last year, according to data from Superjob. “And the activity is shown, almost all industry has become a lot more jobs in construction, restaurant business, there is a revival in the financial sector”, — said the head of the press service of Ivan Kuznetsov. While employers are becoming more pragmatic and prefer to negotiate a high salary with a really good professional, than take two mediocre,” he adds.

A new job, in addition to the top managers, the most difficult to find professionals in entertainment and non-profit sector, as well as lawyers, according to a study HeadHunter. Easier it’s specialists in sales, IT and medicine. Your job prospects in the near future to better estimate the rest of the staff sports clubs and beauty salons, representatives of sales, as well as employees of hotels and restaurants. In General, in all sectors with a positive attitude to them soon to find a new job, but the hardest to do, according to the applicants, in the areas of senior management, insurance and service.