Partner trump announced his determination to fight back “Russian aggression”

Candidate for Vice-President USA Mike Pence and the partner of billionaire Donald trump said in an interview with NBC that if he wins the presidential election, trump administration would confront “Russian aggression”.

“People familiar with Donald trump, you know, how can he defend their positions, as can be determined, he said. — With regard to the Russian aggression, opposition to it will be quite different under the administration of tramp-Pence. All know it.”

He commented on the statement by the former head of the CIA Michael Morella, who in his column in The New York Times wrote that trump was “an involuntary spy” in Russia. “Using our intelligence vocabulary, we can say that Putin recruited trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation”, — said Morell.

He noted that Putin is a career intelligence officer, trained to recognize the weak point in the character of the people. During the primaries in the U.S., says Morell, Putin “played the trump weaknesses of using flattery,” and he was exactly what Putin allegedly had hoped.

Trump has repeatedly spoken positively about Russia, her politics and President Vladimir Putin. July 31, in particular, the candidate for us presidents said that, in his understanding, the people of Crimea would prefer to be with Russia, but not where he was before.” He confirmed his intention to consider recognition of Crimea as part of Russia in case of victory in the elections.

Later, he said that US attempts to return Crimea to Ukraine could lead to world war III.

Pence earlier, speaking about the cyber attacks on the servers of the Democratic party, which in the US has seen a “Russian trace”, and threatened Russia with “serious consequences” in case of suspicion about Moscow’s involvement confirmed.