The audit chamber criticized the anti-crisis plan of the government of the Russian Federation

The audit chamber criticized the anti-crisis plan of the government of the Russian Federation

Moscow. 4 Aug. The chamber has criticized the government for the implementation of anti-crisis plan, writing on Thursday, “Vedomosti”. In 2015, the Ministry said that a separate event had no significant impact on the economy, some were prepared in a timely manner, others were not needed, the money came with delays, the newspaper notes. However, the anti-crisis plan 2016 again was poorly conceived, it follows from the annexes to the report of the accounting chamber on the execution of the budget in the first half. The government outlined the overall results of anti-crisis measures, but did not quantify. The same indicators, that is, it is not always possible to assess the impact of support measures on economic development, adds Vedomosti.

In particular, in the first half, the government had to carry most of it – the measures referred to in paragraphs 72 (a total of 120), but the execution is only about half, estimated by the auditors. As the article says, this time the government has not even outlined what is considered the date of completion of a part of the measures, preparation of bills or have their adoption, the report said.

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The plan turns like a year ago, in two stages: the first stage is the adoption of legal acts, the second distribution of money. For the first six months, the government had to make laws on 62 points, on nine – to submit reports and directives, “Vedomosti”. But by July 2016, has been prepared normative acts only on 35 measures, 30 points were not implemented in General, estimated by the chamber. Money was allocated only two points of the plan of 38.

The publication notes that a quarter of the measures were aimed at supporting certain sectors, such as automotive and light industry, cellscope agriculture and transport. However, even funds to support farmers stood slowly.

The “Vedomosti” write about what not fulfilled and the point of support of import substitution in agriculture, as in early July, the road map of the Ministry of agriculture is still being coordinated with other ministries.

In addition, no item was executed to increase state guarantees for the project-financing programme. In may, the Finance Ministry reported to the government that to increase the program makes no sense, indicates the chamber.

Lingered and measures to support small and medium business, which is one of the key objectives of the government. In mid-July grants to support small business was granted the “SME Corporation” not received the state guarantees on ensuring that loans small business or property contribution to the development of equipment leasing for small and medium-sized companies, “Vedomosti”.