The European Union imposed anti-dumping duty for Russian metallurgists

The European Union imposed anti-dumping duty for Russian metallurgists

Moscow. 4 Aug. The European Union imposes anti-dumping duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia, follows from materials of the EU official journal.

The minimum fee is set for CMI to 18.7%. For Severstal, the fee is set at 34%, NLMK – 36,1%. For all other companies duty also is 36.1%.

In the opinion of the European Union, MMK dumping margin is 18.7%, “Severstal” – 35,9%, NLMK and other companies of 38.9%.

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In addition, we introduce duties on imports of cold-rolled steel from China. Duties depending on the company ranged from 19.7 percent to 22.1%.

Duties on Russian and Chinese hire are imposed for five years and will be applied retrospectively from mid-December 2015.

MMK stated that the supply of steel products to the EU are carried out by the company at market prices and in strict accordance with international standards. MMK plans to use all legal means to challenge the decision on introduction of duties”, – said the representative of the group. The spokesman added that the domestic market remains key for the company.

NLMK said that the European Commission conducted a biased investigation with numerous violations. “Provided by the company during inspections detailed information was completely ignored and replaced by information about products of other companies and trumped-up calculations. As a consequence, on the basis of insights about the company imputed a non-existent dumping,” – said the representative of the company.

The spokesman added that all violations of the company repeatedly officially informed the European authorities, including the European Commissioner for human rights, but these appeals remain unanswered. “We will continue to defend its interests by all legitimate means. In particular, we plan to challenge duties imposed in the EU court and the WTO”, – said the company.

A company representative said that a group of business reasons, is interested only in fair competition in the market of steel products to the EU, where similar products in greater volume produced by its European businesses. “In this sense to suspect the company of dumping so as absurd how obvious his absence,” added the company.

Severstal also said that the company disagrees with the decision of the European Commission. “We are trading in full compliance with international rules and will prove his innocence, using all available legal instruments,” – said the representative of the company.

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As reported, the European Union at the beginning of the year introduced a preliminary anti-dumping duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia. In may, the fees were revised upwards. In particular, the duty on the products of “Severstal” was increased from 25.4% to 34.1%, NLMK steel, from 26.2% to 36.1% for the other companies, from 26.2% to 36.1%. While the Commission has reduced the fee for CMI from 19.8% to 18.7%.

After raising preliminary duties NLMK and “Severstal” declared violations during the investigation and have filed a complaint to the European Commission.

NLMK stated that the investigation was conducted with “flagrant violation of all possible norms and standards”. “NLMK provided information was completely ignored and replaced with false data and incorrect calculations,” – said the representative of the company.

Severstal reported that the application of article 18 of the Basic regulations of the EU antidumping (“cooperation”), which allowed the EU Commission to calculate the prohibitive pre-tax, is a direct violation of WTO law”. In steelmakers stressed that during the investigation, “we actively cooperated with the European Commission, as “an objective and unbiased investigation of the company’s data showed the absence of dumping.”

Supplies of cold-rolled steel Severstal in Europe each year are about 200-250 thousand tons, MMK of about 100 thousand tons. Supply of cold rolled steel, NLMK Europe in 2015 to reach 350 thousand tons.

According to the materials of the EU, in 2014, Russia imported in the EU 724,758 thousand tons of cold-rolled steel. A year earlier, the shipments totaled 727,016 thousand tons. The share of Russian products to the European market is estimated at 10.1% (2014) and 9.9% (2013). The average sale price of Russian products in 2014 amounted to € 499 per tonne, while in 2011 it was 630 euros per tonne.

Supply of cold rolled steel from China made up 620,140 thousand tons in 2014 and 653,366 thousand tons in 2013. The market share of China was 8.7% and 8.9%, respectively. The average sales price was EUR 510 per tonne in 2014, against 619 euros per tonne in 2011.

In June of this year, the European Union also began an antidumping investigation against hot-rolled steel from Russia, Brazil, Iran, Serbia and Ukraine. The investigation, which will cover the period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 and will last 15 months. Temporary measures may be adopted not later than nine months after the start of the investigation.

According to sources close to the companies, deliveries to Europe hot-rolled steel Severstal in 2015 amounted to about 900 thousand tons, MMK – 650 thousand tons, NLMK – 150 thousand tons.