Carpenter was accused of the attempted intelligence agencies of Ukraine and USA

The self-proclaimed head of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Igor Carpenter, who on Saturday morning was attacked, turned on the audiotape to the people of the Republic. The appeal posted on the official website of the head of LC. In this Carpenter was blamed for the attacks on supporters of Ukrainian and American secret services.

“I want to reassure residents. I’m alive and well,” said Carpenter, adding that any attempt to “speculate” on his health are “intrigues of supporters of the Ukrainian side”.

“You know the war is not over, and the Ukrainian government are, of course, the secret services of the United States and those who are trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and in the whole world”, – said the head LNR.

Carpenter called those who seek to shift the power in the LC, the “provocateurs” who “try to shake [the situation] and lead to scratch what has already been done in the LC.

“In case of any further developments associated with me and my life, information about these accomplices to Ukrainian and us intelligence, who are at different points, and LC and probably even in Russia, will be reported or the President of the Russian Federation, or the FSB Director. This information is already outside of our Republic,” – said Carpenter.

“I ask all to remain calm, nothing serious happened. Anyone who talks about my disability— a traitor and an enemy of the Republic. Thank you, soon I’ll be at work,” he concluded.

The assassination of Carpenter occurred on Saturday morning, August 6. Along the road which was passing the car of the head of the LC, triggered a land mine. Carpenter received mine shrapnel wounds, was hospitalized. With him injured several people.

An early attempt at Carpenter commented the adviser to the head of the security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit. The TV channel “112 Ukraine”, he said that the explosion near the car of the head of the LC can be linked to the struggle for power in the breakaway republics of Donbass.