Reuters found out about the supply of turbines to Siemens for power plants in Crimea

The two power plants under construction in the Crimea, designed for the installation of Siemens turbines. This writes Reuters, citing three sources, one of which — the people relevant to the project, the second — the employee of the company “Tekhnopromexport” and the third person from the company, which participated in the tender.

According to them, we are talking about the stands that will be created by the company “Siemens gas turbine technology” — a joint venture Siemens and “Power machines”. The Crimean plant is only compatible with the Siemens turbine,” said the interlocutor of the Agency, familiar with technical details.

German company denies these data. As noted in the Siemens joint venture makes turbines for the station on the Taman Peninsula, not in the Crimea.

Siemens LLC and all of its subsidiaries in Russia do not deliver any equipment that can be used at sites located in the Crimea”, — said the official representative of the company in Munich. In an email to Reuters he added: “We only do deliveries for power stations located close to the village Raevskaya on the Taman Peninsula in Krasnodar region”.

Siemens representative also noted that the German company has a “contract terms with “Technopromexport”, which is several times confirmed in response to our [Siemens] request that the condition on the final point of delivery in the contract will be fully respected.”

“Technopromexport”, in turn, said that they would not use a turbine “Siemens gas turbine technology for power plants in the Crimea.

As reminds Agency, the EU sanctions prohibit individuals and companies to supply to the Crimea energy technologies, and to take any action that aims to bypass these rules. If the turbine still will be delivered to the Peninsula (one source claims that this could occur within the next two months), it may “test the limits” of what is permitted under EU sanctions.

“Power machines” redirected questions from Reuters on the subject enterprise “Siemens gas turbine technology”. It, in turn, forwarded the questions of the Agency of Siemens. Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak has refused to comment on this issue.

That the plant “Siemens gas turbine technology” to bypass the sanctions against the Crimea will supply equipment for two Crimean power plants, reported in June 2015, the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to Federal officials and a source close to one of the parties to the transaction.

One of the newspaper’s sources reported that this is the first contract of the plant, which Siemens opened in Russia on June 18. The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” noted that it was signed in the spring, and Deposit already paid. As expected, the “Siemens gas turbine technology will provide “Technopromexport” four combined-cycle plants (CCGT) with a capacity of 235 MW gas turbines of 160 MW.

Another source close to one of the parties to the transaction, noted that the contract provides for the supply of equipment for the new plant in Taman (Krasnodar Krai), not in Crimea. The source of “Vedomosti” explained that in order to circumvent sanctions before sending in the Crimea turbine is first put in the Taman.