SBU has published his version of the assassination attempt on the leader of the LC

As stated by the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the adviser to the head of the SBU Yuriy tandit, he learned on closed channels that Carpenter really was assassinated. In his opinion, the explosion near the car of the head of the LC can be linked to the struggle for power in the breakaway republics of Donbass. “Are strippers, there are seals, reorganization, and without power there is not complete”, – he explained.

Similar opinion was made by the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak. In his opinion, the assassination of leaders of the republics of Donbass may be involved in the Russian special services. “Of course, this feud will continue in the future. And I think that this is not the latest assassination of one of the leaders of these terrorist groups,” – said Shkiryak.

Deputy Minister for the occupied territories, the George Tooke did not rule out that the assassination attempt on the Carpenter may be involved in the head of the neighboring Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. Tuck argues that the heads of the DNI and the LC competed on the division of spheres of influence and financial flows.

It does not rule out Tuck and involvement in the assassination of the Ukrainian intelligence services or those who support Ukraine.

In Russia, the main version of the assassination believe the involvement of the Ukrainian authorities. So, the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich in an interview with the TASS news Agency suggested that the task of the attackers was to destabilize the situation in LC. In his opinion, “there are no facts in favor of the version that the reason for the attempt began infighting in the DNR”. This Klintsevich has suggested that the assassination of Carpenter and the murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev “are the same people.”

The assassination of Carpenter occurred on Saturday morning. Mine was activated next to the road on which the car was passing the head of the LC. Carpenter was hospitalized, injured several people.

Officially, the government of the LC described the incident as a terrorist attack. As informs Agency “Interfax”, for his investigation established a working group, which included all law enforcement agencies of the Republic.