The LC declared the plan “Interception” to search for Ukrainian saboteurs

As reports the edition “Lugansk information center”, during a briefing in Lugansk, the head of the center of public relations of the Ministry of state security (MGB) LC Eugene lubenko said that created after the assassination of Carpenter interdepartmental Commission is considering several versions of what happened. One of them is the activities of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups. To capture the declared plan “Interception”.

Lubenko also said that at the blast site after a few hours of continued forensic research. He pointed out that the question on excitation of criminal case.

Earlier it was reported that the case of the explosion in the center of Lugansk is being investigated under article “terrorist act.”

The explosion in Luhansk occurred on the morning of 6 August. The device exploded at the intersection of Karpinskogo and Vatutin in the moment when it passed the Toyota Carpentry. As a result, the head of the LC was still alive, however injured by shrapnel. According to preliminary information, he has a damaged liver and spleen.

Ukrainian authorities have officially denied any involvement in the explosion.