Attack with a machete on police in Belgium have recognized the attack

The attack on the police with a machete in Belgium, classified as terrorist acts. This was stated by Prime Minister Charles Michel, reports the Independent.

The attack occurred the night before. The man, armed with a machete, was able to enter the protected area of the police station in Charleroi, and shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacked the police. As a result, two law enforcement officers were injured, one of them received deep wounds to his face. The attacker was shot dead.

Michelle previously stated that the attack is likely a terrorist attack. “The first signs very clearly point to the terrorism,” he said.

22 March in the Belgian capital was a double attack, first at Brussels airport, two explosions occurred, followed by an explosion in the city centre at metro station “Maelbeek”. 30 people were killed, dozens were hospitalized.

Responsibility for these attacks was assumed by the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”.