Bloomberg found out about the role of the Deputy head of the Central Bank of money laundering in Spain

An investigation conducted by the Guardia Civil of Spain, show that prior to the appointment to the post of Deputy head of the Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin taught members of the Taganskaya OPG ways to launder illegally acquired funds through banks and purchase of real estate, writes Bloomberg, citing a confidential report by the Spanish law enforcement authorities, seen by the Agency.

According to the Agency’s allegations against Torshin’s based on recordings of his telephone conversations with the alleged head of the Taganka group Alexander Romanov (in may 2016 in Spain sentenced to four years of imprisonment), who managed to make the Civil guard in 2012-2013. In addition, law enforcement authorities have documents found during the searches Romanov’s Villa on the island of Mallorca.

“In a hierarchical organization of Russian politician Alexander porfiryevich Torshin was above Romanova, the latter called him “the godfather” and “the boss” and took action and investments on his behalf”, — the report says the Civil guard.

Torshin himself of his acquaintance with the Romanovs, the former informed the General Director of factory “the Crystal” does not deny, writes Bloomberg. However, this acquaintance, according to the Chairman of the Central Bank, was purely secular, and the last conversation took place more than two years ago. “The last time we talked on 27 November 2013, when I turned 60 years old. He called me to congratulate happy birthday,” — said Torshin. He also assured that he is not hiding.

Senior Spanish source on condition of anonymity, explained to Bloomberg that no charges Torshin not presented due to the fact that Russia is not cooperating in the investigation, when the case for high-ranking officials.

Torshin on Tuesday afternoon to respond to phone calls.

In 2001, Alexander Torshin has become a member of the Federation Council, and later served in the upper house of the Russian Parliament the posts of Deputy speaker and first Deputy speaker. In 2011, Torshin within a few months was the acting head of the Federation Council. In January 2015 Torshin was appointed as state Secretary–Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, supervised areas include the interaction with the chambers of the Federal Assembly, Executive state bodies at Federal and regional levels.