“Burger king” decided not to sue Sergei Shnurov

The network of restaurants fast food “Burger king” has withdrawn a lawsuit against the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurova. About it reported in a press-service of the company with reference to General Director of “Burger king Russia, Dmitry Honey, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“On behalf of my company, I want to apologize to Cord. Of course, we will be happy if he would write funny poems about us in the future, even with the addition of the “people’s” language”, — quotes Agency the Honeymoon.

The CEO added that the company’s lawyers were instructed to track the damage to the reputation and sue, but those too formally approach to his duties. “Everything was right, in fact, went bust,” said Honey. The Agency notes that during the development of a conflict situation, he was on vacation.

In an interview with the Director of “Burger king” for marketing Ivan Shestov explained that the overlay was due to the fact that the company didn’t know about that Honey “fan of his”. According to him, the head of the Russian branch of the network of fast food “a spanking” employees and promised to hold a “master class on sense of humor.”

Claim Burger king,” called a poem of his published in Instagram. In it, he talked about the different ways of earnings and mentioned that “Burger king” in the phrase “promotion code more than once brought to ikot”.

After that, the company announced that it intends to sue the musician. According to them, the Cords were not allowed to use the brand name in his work and even more so to mention it in a negative way. It was reported that the company intends to recover from the musician’s 200 thousand rubles, or to seek publication of the poem, where it will be referred to in a positive way.

The company’s decision to sue the Cords responded with a poem. “He’s the Burger king, well, who are you to find fault with his code And write about the phenomenon of hiccups? / He is the Breadwinner, the King, and you are cattle!”, — he wrote.