Trump has promised to hold the largest since Reagan “tax revolution”

The Republican candidate for the US presidential election, Donald trump has promised, if elected, to hold the country’s largest since the days of President Ronald Reagan “tax revolution”. About this trump said in its economic program, which he announced in Detroit. The text of the speech published on the website

A billionaire has offered to cut taxes to keep the American company from the transfer of activities abroad. “No American business,” said trump, ” will not pay more than 15% of income tax. In other words, we will reduce taxes from 35% to 15%,” said trump.

He also promised that the American corporations who want to return to the country of capital from abroad, will be able to do it by paying one-time tax of 10%.

Trump also suggested to change to the progressive tax scale, reducing the number of levels from seven to three and reducing the maximum tax rate from almost 40% to 33%. His program includes three levels of progressive rates: 12%, 25% and 33%. The candidate noted that many workers will not pay taxes at all, because the rate for them will be zero.