VoiceOver will help Putin’s “United Russia” on elections

Without a face, but with voice

“United Russia” is preparing layouts of billboards and stories TV spots that will appear after 20 August — this date marks the beginning of the official period of campaigning for the Duma elections (held 18 September). Part of the campaign can become the campaign materials with the use of statements of Vladimir Putin, said Deputy Secretary of the party’s General Council Olga batalina (in charge of agitation and propaganda), In her words, quote from the speeches of the President can appear on the posters and in the trailers will feature snippets of his public appearances.

“We agreed with the President the possibility of such an approach to our campaign. United Russia created Putin, all have the understanding that he is a moral leader of the party and draws her with its policy. Therefore, a correct use of the image of the President in the campaign is a response to the expectations of the people,” she said.

Image of Vladimir Putin on billboards will not. To use the image of a man who is not the candidate of the party, prohibit amendments to the election law passed by the Duma this year. But they do not apply to the use of other people’s statements. Therefore, the posters will quote the President, who signed his name, the symbolism of the “United Russia” and its ordinal number in the ballot, says a source close to the party leadership.

In the commercials the President will sound behind the scenes. It can be the same thoughts of the President, and on posters, but in a more expanded form, said the source . The shot will appear to sequences corresponding to words of the head of state. Show in the frame of ordinary people — not the candidates, the law prohibits.

So Putin said

The party is still considering what the statements of the President to better use, said batalina. According to her, this can be discussed at the Congress of “United Russia” on 27 June, his quotes from April’s communication with participants of preliminary voting, his comments about the party during the “Straight line” and other public speeches of the President.

At the June Congress, the President praised United Russia. He named the party “the assemblage point of the country.” In addition, Putin said that he initiated the creation of the party. “Remember the conditions in which created the “United Russia”. This, all know, was my initiative. Indeed, I initiated and created the party”, — said the President. Do not skimp Putin and compliments during the April annual “Direct line”: then he called the party of the stabilizing element of the Russian political system.

United Russia has already used this year the image of the President. In may, before conducting primaries they hung around the country posters with the image of participants of preliminary voting and the slogan “it is Important to Choose the Right thing.” These lovable written in a column and formed the initials of President Vladimir Putin. “It is our moral leader. We really can not be without him,” explained then a source close to the leadership of the party.

Now during the active part of the campaign needs more clearly “stitch” the image of the President with the party, says the source in the leadership of “United Russia”. In past elections, United Russia used not only quote the President, but also his image.

Medvedev and city

In addition to the President, United Russia is preparing several variants of the lines of the agitation, said batalina. One of them involves the use of the image of the Prime Minister and the Chairman of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev. The other involves the slogans, which are included in the electoral program of the party. The phrase “to Act in the interests of the people — our task”, “to Hear everyone’s voice — our responsibility”, “to Create and secure the future of Russia is our goal” will be printed on banners with themed photos from a specific region and candidates who are elected in this territory, she said.

“United Russia” need to get this election over 40% of the votes, otherwise the results will be regarded as a failure, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. Therefore, according to him, no presidential image in one form or another to United Russia not to manage. “People see a strong figure in it. So since 2003, the party makes the standard election move constantly appeals to the President, stressed that he stood at its origins,” — said the expert.