CEC member will be asked to leave after the scandal with the order for the election monitoring

This fall may be replaced by one of the members of the Central election Commission, said two people close to the leadership of the CEC. According to them, the head of the Commission Ella Pamfilova dissatisfied with the actions of Valery Galchenko, and after the Duma elections (18 September) encourages him to resign. Now the question of his departure for discussion, says one of the interlocutors.

In a press-service of the CEC could neither confirm nor deny this information. Pamfilova was unavailable for comment. He Galchenko told to get out of the CEC is not going to.

The scandal with the Creator of the pyramid

The reason for the discontent Galchenko — the scandal of the contract for monitoring the legitimacy of elections, said the source . Galchenko was in charge of the CEC. They organized the competition was won by the Foundation, whose leadership includes his former assistant (as a state Duma Deputy, Andrey Bolshunov. It turned out that even before Galchenko Bolshunov headed Yenisei trust company, organized on the principle of a financial pyramid, wrote the newspaper “Today” with reference to the version of the investigation. The Bolshunova even announced an international search and were arrested for three months.

Fund Bolshunova still engaged in the utilities, not the election, and it alarmed the leadership of the CEC, says the interlocutor in the Commission. In addition, the only competitor of the Fund in the competition was the center, is also dealing with utilities, two of the participant previously collaborated in the development of grant funds. After publications in the media about this story, the CEC has terminated the contract with the Fund.

“After such events should write a letter of resignation,” says a source close to the leadership of the CEC. — The position of leadership is this: the CEC needs to work with a crystal clear reputation that you have confidence in, such manners we have to work somewhere else.”

Galchenko insists that did not know in advance that the winning company has Bolshunov, and to break the contract with the Fund recommended himself. “When he won a company in which I know a couple of people, I went to management and said it’s either going monitoring, or the need to resolve the issue with the tender,” he says. — Then the leadership, the CEC adopted a decision on termination of the contract. I believe that the subject is closed”.

A source close to the leadership of the CEC, by contrast, argues that the issue is not closed. According to him, is known for its integrity, the head of the Commission Ella Pamfilova will be able to convince the Gal to go on their own. This will happen after will be elected the new composition of the Duma, because it delegated to the CEC, a group of deputies of the current convocation, and it would be logical if the new representative will appoint the new Duma, explains the logic a source close to the leadership of the Commission.

The CEC Galchenko as a state Duma Deputy has delegated a group of United Russia. The Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov then explained this decision including the fact that the Gal knows how to deal with administrative excesses, with which we are all striving for.”

The scandal headquarters of the popular front

Galchenko has long worked in government. In the 1990s he was the Chairman Mosobldumy, and then passed to the state Duma. In 2008, he became Deputy head of the Central Executive Committee of “United Russia”, in this position, he was responsible for the election in the regions. The newspaper “Vedomosti” called him a person close to Oleg Govorun, who was then a post of the chief political administration of the Kremlin (now a subordinate talker is headed by Vladislav Surkov, the office for cooperation with CIS countries, Abkhazia and South Ossetia)

In 2011, he with the scandal lost their positions in the Executive Committee of the party. At a briefing for journalists before the elections of the state Duma, he stated that the objectives of the popular front in relation to the Duma campaign is done. Some media took these words as a signal that it is now the headquarters of the popular front, whose work is supervised by Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Volodin, should retire, handing the election headquarters of the work of the “United Russia”, supervised by the first Deputy head of presidential administration Vladislav Surkov, wrote “Vedomosti”. Press Secretary of the then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov in the end had to explain that the staff of the Front is not facing dissolution. After that, the Gal has lost leadership positions in the party, but the Duma of the new convocation elected. In 2014 he announced the creation of the Association, which was supposed to prepare a breakthrough in the reform of the housing sector.

In the case of care Galchenko it is not the first resignation in the organization of elections. Spring left his post as head of the St. Petersburg election Commission Alexey putnin, whom the opposition called “Petersburg Churov”. In June, after the election identified in Barvikha violations of the resigned Chairman of the electoral Commission of the Moscow region Irek Vildanov.

The resignations exemplary is the work of the new head of the CEC Pamfilova, which, unlike the former head of the Central election Commission Vladimir Churov, declared the policy of openness and transparency of elections, says the head of the election monitoring movement “the Voice” Andrey Buzin.

But it is only indicative flogging, I’m sure Buzin. “It might lead to a considerable reduction in direct falsifications in day of voting and counting of votes. From criminality, they might get rid of, but it does not change the overall situation,” insists the expert.