CEC suspected Samara Governor of pressure on electoral process

The Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC), Ella Pamfilova said about the complaints regarding the election campaign in the Samara region. According to her, the Governor of the region Nikolay Merkushin is putting pressure on the territorial Commission and intervenes in izbiratelniy process.

“I would particularly like to draw attention to those regions where a certain inertia, and some chapters continue their work style,” said Pamfilova, speaking about inadmissibility of use of administrative resources during the electoral campaign. This is especially true of the Samara region, she said.

According to the Chairman of Pamfilova, the Central election Commission received a number of complaints that the Governor Merkushkin appointed their own curators, who travel to the territorial commissions “set up their heads on independent work”. “Behind the CEC they are trying to build a parallel job. This illegal practice,” — said Pamfilova.

She added that in the near future to the region will head a special Commission of the CEC, accompanied by the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov and other human rights defenders, which will thoroughly check complaints. In the case of confirmation of violations Pamfilova will report them personally to the President, she said.