The Ministry of education refused to deprive a scientific degree of the Minister of communications Nikiforov

The Ministry of education rejected the community Discerned the deprivation of the degree of candidate of economic Sciences head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. On Wednesday Director of information policy Department Ministry of education and science Anna Usacheva, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to Usacheva, the Agency received a recommendation from the Higher attestation Commission (HAC), which considered the statement, “Discerneth” in early July, and denied the applicants the deprivation Nikiforova degree.

The order on the refusal to deprive the Minister of an academic degree issued August 10, added Usachev. She also reminded that this same conclusion was accepted by the dissertation Council at the Academy and by the expert Council of VAK.

Nikiforov defended thesis on the theme “Innovative model of information management in the provision of public electronic services: the case of the Republic of Tatarstan” in Kazan national research technological University in 2011.

Experts of “Discarnate by reviewing the dissertation of the Minister, said that he found it “large-scale incorrect borrowing” from other scientific papers that were not issued in the form of quotes and not contain references to the authors.

Then Discerned appealed to the HAC. The expert Council of the Commission conducted its own analysis of the thesis Nikiforova and came to the conclusion that coincidences with other works in the work due to the fact that he and the authors of these texts together wrote the research work for the development of electronic services in Tatarstan Republic. The Council also came to the conclusion that coincidences are present only in the introduction, the first Chapter and the conclusion and do not belong to the part of the thesis, which is submitted for protection and contain a scientific novelty.