The Times learned of the recognition by the British military advantages Russian army

The Russian army could beat the British on the battlefield. This is stated in the report of the military of great Britain, which was available to The Times.

It said that Russian weapons, including rocket launchers and anti-aircraft defense system, more powerful than their British counterparts, and it gives Russia a “significant” functional advantage. In addition, the British lightly armored combat vehicle “much more vulnerable” to the Russian mortars and rockets in the event of fire, the report said.

It is said there that the UK and its NATO allies to “take emergency measures to get closer to that, which is Russian means of electronic communication, used for interception of enemy drones or military radio signals.

The report, designated as “officially related to national security,” also describes the skill of the Russian military in tactics and their ability to really change the rules of the game”. According to the British military, it helped the Russian army to level the playing field” between Moscow and the West with threats to NATO aircraft weapons with GPS-guidance and skilled soldiers on the ground.

While physical weapons are not the only tool in the Arsenal of the Russian army, which will surpass the West, the report notes. Soldiers risk becoming targets via Facebook and Twitter, so they must be more aware of the threat posed by “manipulative tactics” of the Russians, and the surrender of smartphones and tablets have become the norm in the conduct of military activities, the report says.

“In the unlikely case of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, we must admit that currently, Russia has a significant functional advantage to the Kingdom,” conclude the authors of the report.

The British government has always stated that the army of the Kingdom is to have opportunities that would match the Russian, The Times noted. In may, defence Minister Michael Fallon said that NATO must be ready “to face any threats in the future.”

However, the newspaper notes, in the last 15 years the British army for the most part conduct operations against the rebels and did not improve their opportunities for a possible meeting with the army of another state.

In early July, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has described Russia as one of the “unpredictable hazards” because she was “ready to use force to change borders”. However, he said that would not want a confrontation with Moscow.

In early July, the British Parliament called on NATO to react strongly to the Russian military build-up, strengthen personnel in Russia and to intensify the fight against “Russian propaganda.”

Moscow denies accusations that the military build-up in any way threaten other countries.