A hacker posted online the personal details of members of Congress from the democratic party USA

The hacker posted in free access on the Internet e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers nearly 200 members of the Democratic party of the USA, who are current and former members of the house of representatives of the us Congress, reports The Wall Street Journal.

We are talking about the 2.0 hacker Guccifer, who stated that the current leak is part of the hacking Committee of the Democratic party of the United States congressional (DCCC), which was reported earlier and which, according to media reports, was discovered by the Russian trail.

One of the defendants in the published data — a Democrat Steni Hoyer told the publication that he was unaware of the incident. “Actually first heard about it,” said he.

A White house spokesman declined to comment on the incident WSJ.

As the newspaper notes, phone numbers and email addresses may be useful for representatives of foreign special services, which, using this information, we can try to intercept conversations. In particular, published data about members of the intelligence Committee, the Committee on Armed services, foreign relations Committee of the house of representatives, the newspaper notes.

“This is important information, and it can be used very negatively by a foreign government,” said Hoyer.

A number of sources in the US intelligence believe that the culprit of the hacking of the DCCC, as well as the hacking of the National Committee of the Democratic party, are the hackers supported by the Russian government,” writes the WSJ. According to the publication, at least one company specializing in cybersecurity, said that Guccifer between 2.0 and Russia there is a connection, although the hacker denies its existence.

Heuer in conversation with the newspaper stressed that the White house, the Congress and US intelligence agencies should consider the use of “retaliatory measures” in response to the hacking. “I think a large number of people are going to change the phone number in the near future,” he said.

Recently there were reports of three attacks on the network of the Democrats. The first was committed on a national Committee and testified about the collusion of the democratic party to prevent the election campaign of the former candidate in US presidents Bernie Sanders in favor of promoting Hillary Clinton. The responsibility it has assumed 2.0 Guccifer, who was called a hacker, a loner.

The second was made on the DCCC. And the third one on the campaign staff of Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate of the Democratic party.

In late July, Clinton said that the computers of the National Committee of the democratic party hacked by Russian special services. In the Kremlin, in response, said that Clinton “does not contain anything specific” and made in the genre of pre-election rhetoric.

Earlier WSJ, citing sources wrote that us officials are considering imposing sanctions against Russia in response to the hacking of the networks of the Democratic party, but has not yet made a decision. According to the publication, the imposition of sanctions will require the White house official accusations Russia or supported hackers in hacking networking party and the subsequent leakage of information.