Attacked with a knife passengers of the train in Switzerland died from wounds

The number of victims of the attack on 27-year-old armed men on passenger trains on the territory of the Swiss Canton of St. Gallen increased to two. First in the hospital the woman died, was stabbed, and then died himself a criminal. During the attack he was using samovosproizvoditsja liquid managed to start a fire in the car, but he eventually suffered serious burns, reports Reuters.

In serious condition are two other people suffered burn and stab wounds, including a 6-year-old girl. Another man is in the hospital: he got smoke inhalation trying to help other passengers.

The police have not yet managed to establish the motive which has induced 27-year-old Swiss citizen to attack. Found out that he lived in a neighboring Canton. During a search of his home failed to find any indication that he was guided by political motives or was involved in any terrorist organizations.

While law enforcement officials have confirmed that a suspect has no “immigrant roots”.

The Prosecutor’s office of St. Gallen opened a criminal case into the incident.