In Milwaukee, in the USA there were riots after the murder of men

In Milwaukee (Wisconsin) riots took place after the 23-year-old man was killed by police, the Associated Press reports.

As reported on the website of the local police, the two officers stopped two men travelling in the car. They tried to escape, and during the chase one of the men, armed with a semiautomatic pistol, was shot. The victim had a long criminal history, the report says, and the gun he received as a result of the robbery.

According to AP, on the street gathered about 100 protesters, who came into the fight with the police. At one point the police were forced to lock themselves in the car and tried to escape, but the protesters began to smash Windows of cars. In addition, one of the police cars were set on fire.

Then, protesters have again clashed with police, hurled stones at them. In addition, they threw various objects and began to set fire to shops.

Subsequently, mayor Tom Barrett urged people to calm down.

As informs Bi-bi-si, the city is “becoming calmer”. He injured one police officer, his head hit the brick thrown through the window of the car. Firefighters said that initially are unable to fight the fire because the shots were fired, writes Bi-bi-si.

Neither the text of the message to the police or in the media, no mention of ethnicity of the killed, however, Alderman Khalif Rainey, a representative of the district where the incident occurred, said that black residents “are tired of living in oppression.” He noted that “no one can deny that in Milwaukee, there are racial issues that need to be resolved”.