Bloomberg spoke about the features of the new iPhone models

Features of the new smartphones that will replace the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be the dual camera on the larger model, the upgraded home button, which will vibrate when pressed, and absence of headphone Jack. About it Bloomberg said people familiar with the matter, the sources, who requested anonymity.

Dual camera will take clearer pictures, told the news Agency the source familiar with the prototype of the new model of the gadget. According to him, the device has two matrices that capture the image separately and then bring them into a single image. It helps to achieve sharper photos in low-light conditions, and also retains the clarity when you zoom, told the Agency interlocutor.

The “home” button on the new iPhone models are more sensitive and will respond to the vibration at the tap. A button mechanism similar to the device of the trackpad of the latest line of MacBooks, the sources told the Agency.

Apple also decided to get rid of the headphone Jack in favor of connecting via Bluetooth or via a charger. According to sources of Bloomberg, it will free up space for the second speaker. While Apple still in 2014 allowed manufacturers to produce headphones that connect to your iPhone via the charging port.

The new model will run on the iOS operating system 10, which will officially launch in the fall. The updated software will offer users interactive widgets for quick access to the calendar and favorite contacts, new messaging features, the app to control smart appliances and updated Apple Music. The new version will work on some previous versions of the iPhone, says Bloomberg.

The demand for the iPhone in recent quarters has decreased, however, the device still remains the main source of income for Apple. Bloomberg notes that the release of the new models will be crucial for the company during the holiday season and will help to bolster sales before the next scheduled for 2017 restart, timed to the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was introduced in 2014. The latest model of Apple’s smartphone was the iPhone SE (Special Edition), released in March 2016. Externally, he has more similarities with the iPhone 5s than 6s, in addition, it is cheaper than its predecessor.