Candidates Parnassus applied for visas for Ukrainian propaganda in the Crimea

On the treatment of opposition candidates in the General Consulate of Ukraine for transit visas to Crimea to campaign reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Krasnodar regional branch of PARNAS.

We are talking about the candidates, Alexei Korolev, Alexander Safronov and Marina Kapitsa. They are part of the regional group PARANS No. 33, situated in Krasnodar Krai, Adygea and Crimea.

The initiative to contact the Ukrainian Consulate came from the Krasnodar regional branch of PARNAS, but in the Federal party leadership supported him, said the Deputy Chairman of the party Konstantin Merzlikin.

“The position of our party is well-known: we believe that the Crimea was illegally annexed”, — he explained.