Lavrov said about the reluctance of NATO to restore relations with Russia

NATO does not seek dialogue with Russia, while Moscow has offered to the Alliance the specific steps to restore relations. This was stated by the foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov in his speech in Yekaterinburg, reports “Interfax”.

“Council Russia-the NATO is frozen. The fact that the Embassy was held a couple of meetings, nothing changes. NATO does not want to discuss the restoration of relations,” he said.

The Minister added that at the meeting of the Council Russia-NATO, held in July 2016, were given the Alliance a specific proposal for the restoration of military cooperation, “primarily from the point of view of improving confidence in this area” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

He reminded that Russia was the initiator of the break in 2008 — Russia Council NATO. “By the beginning of winter, our Western colleagues admitted that it was a mistake, took a solemn Declaration, which stated that the Council Russia — NATO should work in any weather, especially in times of crisis”, — said Lavrov, noting that later this is repeated.

“Council Russia — the NATO is frozen, the fact that the Embassy was held a couple of meetings, changes nothing,” he said (quoted by TASS).