RZD Vladimir Yakunin paid a premium for three years

JSC “Russian Railways” in the first half of 2016 was paid bonuses both current and former members of the management Board of the company, among whom were ex-the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, confirmed a representative of monopoly.

On Friday Russian Railways representative told “Interfax” that the members of the management Board of the company has paid a long term award for a period of three years. “Payments are distributed to all Board members who worked in the company during this period,” he said.

“Yes, in the total amount of premiums taken into account the remuneration Vladimir Yakunin received for service on the Board of the company during the last three years”, — said the representative of RZD. To reveal the bonus amount Yakunin, he did not.

“The only payments that Vladimir Ivanovich was received from the Railways in 2016, was $ 75 million and RUB 15 million Apparently, these amounts relate to specified compensation, but all decisions on the payments were made without its participation,” — said the representative Yakunin.

According to the report of Russian Railways for the second quarter, the amount of premiums paid by the company in the first half amounted to 894,194 million RUB over the same period, paid premium was 311,55 million rubles.

From the report of the company that the reason for the increase of the amount of the premium in the first half of 2016 was “long-term award for a period of three years (727 944 of 711.00) accrued in accordance with the regulations on the remuneration system of the members of the Board of JSC “Russian Railways”, approved by the Board of Directors of JSC “RZD” 30.06.2014 year, and the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC “RZD” in 2016″.

Yakunin worked in the office of the head of Russian Railways since 2005 and 2015. During this time he never published his income Declaration. First his salary it opened in may 2015, a few months before retiring from the Railways. In an interview with Forbes he said that he earns from 4 million to 5.5 million rubles per month. “Why all this care? I’m a married man, let the cares of my wife. But it is also not care. I anyone for the act this report shall not”, — said Yakunin, explaining that he decided to disclose his salary in order to “all these pseudoplasticity” not “stirred up brains” of his “comrades”.

Forbes in their ranking of the most expensive top-managers of Russia was estimated Yakunin remuneration for 2014 of $11 million Yakunin, commenting on this rating, advised: “do Not read after lunch American journals.” The official representative Yakunin at the same time stated that the total remuneration Yakunin as head of Russian Railways for 2014 was $ 93,517 million rubles.