The prosecution Yevgeny DoD reclassified from fraud to embezzlement

The investigation reclassified the charges the former head of “RusHydro” Yevgeny DoD and the chief accountant of the company Dmitry Finkel from the article “fraud” in the article “embezzlement”. This was stated by “Interfax” the lawyer of Finkel, Sergey Romanov, thus confirming the information source FM Business in law enforcement.

“Yes, indeed, the investigation has reclassified the DoD and Finkel article “fraud” (159 of the criminal code) article “embezzlement” (160 of the criminal code) because the investigators felt that fraud, like deception, has not been proven,” said Romanov.

He stressed that the article “embezzlement” is softer than “fraud”: both articles provide for the same penalties — up to ten years of imprisonment.

Earlier that TFR reclassified the charges to the DoD and Finkel from article “swindle in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) misappropriation or embezzlement in especially large size (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code), a source told Business FM in law enforcement. The source said that the decision was due to the fact that fraud involves deception of the victim, but the investigation failed to prove it.

The consequence considers that the DoD and Finkel distorted the financial statements of RusHydro for 2013, which indicated that the profit of the company amounted to 35 billion rubles, however, according to the version of the investigation, the profit for the year has not exceeded 28 billion rubles After the announcement of financial statements of RusHydro DoD signed the order about awarding himself unlawfully inflating the size of the award is no less than to 73.2 million rubles, according to investigators.

Sami DoD and Finkel agreed to the reclassification of the case and refused to admit his guilt.