Study: what to live and the rich candidates to the state Duma

Study: what to live and the rich candidates to the state Duma

According to the results of Declaration campaign in anticipation of elections of the state Duma has conducted a study of reports on income and assets 4535 candidates. In the study were only those nominated on the list: their declarations are already published on the website of the Central electoral Commission, while the single-publish their declarations on the website of the regional commissions. compare candidates according to five criteria: income level, favorite banks and the size of the accounts, shares in the business, real estate and vehicles owned.

Property average portrait of the candidate in deputies of the state Duma in 2016 looks like. Annual income — 3.3 million rubles, a small share of the business, the account in Sberbank, the 60-meter apartment and a car “Toyota”.

Who has the biggest income

The richest candidates in the state Duma of the seventh convocation were the candidates from “United Russia”. Most of the candidates of United Russia (68.5 per cent) reported income of 1-10 million rubles. This is the highest figure in the range of earnings among 14 parties that will take part in the elections. On the second place in this range — the Communist party: about 50% of candidates of the Communists earned 1-10 million RUB over the same income indicated 44,44% of candidates from “Fair Russia”.

Another 7.5% of the United Russia party earned during the year 10-25 million RUB Significant number of other parties in this range below: among the socialist-revolutionaries — 4,5%, the Party of growth of 3.25%, LDPR — of 2.88%.

United Russia took the top places in the ranking of candidates, declared the biggest income. The palm of United Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Leonid Simanovsky with an income of 909 million rubles In the ranking of the magazine Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia in 2016 Simanovsky ranked 87-th place with a fortune of $0.95 billion. According to the magazine, Simanovsky owns a 1.6% stake in NOVATEK, its business partner is the richest Russian businessman Leonid Mikhelson (its condition Forbes estimated at $14.4 billion). Rich is running for the Duma on the list of regional group No. 14 (Orenburg, Samara, Ulyanovsk region).

On the second place — United Russia Deputy Alexander Skorobogatko with 745 million rubles. income. In the ranking of Forbes, the Deputy took 40 th place among the richest Russian businessmen with a fortune of $2.3 billion). Skorobogatko is a candidate on the list in the Krasnodar region.

The source in the leadership of “United Russia” underlines that compared to the current composition of the United Russia faction among the candidates has become smaller Forbes list of participants. For example, traditionally, declaring large profits Mikhail Slipenchuk, Alexander Remezkov, Victor zvagel’skii, Mikhail Yurevich and Oleg Savchenko in the electoral list were not included. “The ranks of candidates in deputies of the state Duma was enlarged by representatives of different social environments, including teachers, doctors, who have no serious savings. This is one of the preliminary voting results”, — stressed the member.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that most significant income declare the representatives of “United Russia”, because they belong to the ruling class, the political scientist and member of the Supreme Council of the party Dmitry Orlov. “Some of them were engaged in business, and someone is a paying job,” he says. In addition, from the “United Russia” is running 96 deputies (out of 400 candidates-spisochnik), the annual salary of the Deputy is from 3 mln to 10 mln.

The third candidate’s income last year became the candidate from “Fair Russia” Chechen banker Abubakar Arsamakov, since 1998 head of the Moscow industrial Bank. Its revenue in 2015 amounted to RUB 567 million, he is the richest candidate from the socialist-revolutionaries. Arsamakov running the first number in the regional list of party in the Voronezh region.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma property Committee Valery Seleznev (LDPR) took fourth place with earnings 392,7 million RUB over the Sources of their income, the Deputy pointed out in the Declaration of PJSC “Sberbank of Russia”, JSC “far Eastern Bank”, LLC “Prominvest-etc. MP is nominated in the list for the district, which includes the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Kamchatka Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, and others.

The top five richest candidates of General Director of JSC “Murmansk trawl fleet” Vladimir blocky nominated by the Communist party in the Nizhny Novgorod region. He declared 329,5 mln.

Among the first 50 candidates in the state Duma on the income level of most of United Russia and socialist-revolutionaries in the top 50 from those and other fell on 12 people. Among them the first Deputy head of presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, who earned 87 million rubles., Commissioner for the rights of businessmen, the leader of the Party of growth Boris Titov with 208.8 million RUB, singer Iosif Kobzon 99 mln, a former coach of Russian national team on football Valery Gazzayev with 37 million rubles (candidate from “Fair Russia”).

Zero income dropped from 612 4534 candidates (13.5 percent). But this does not mean that they have no money. For example, the candidate from LDPR Sergey Abeltsev has indicated zero earnings, but on its accounts in different banks is about 12 million rubles. More among all reporting zero income candidates from the “Civic force” (132), least of all from the “United Russia” (one person).

About earnings for the year below the subsistence minimum per capita (in 2015 for the working population of Russia it amounted to RUB 10 524) reported 483 candidate. Most of the candidates from the “Communists of Russia”.

Of the 14 parties that will take part in the elections, the “poor” were “Civil force”. More than half of its candidates (59,29%) indicated earning below 10 thousand.

Which banks and how much money you keep

The most popular Bank of candidates was Sberbank — it is open to more than 8 thousand accounts for a total amount of 7.4 billion rubles In second place was VTB (3 thousand accounts in the amount of RUB 4 billion), the third Alfa-Bank (748 accounts amounting to 427 million rubles.). These three banks primarily choose candidates from all parties.

The top ten also includes subsidiaries of foreign banks — Raiffeisenbank and UniCredit Bank.

With a big Bank account Simanovsky — worth almost 3 billion followed by the Deputy from LDPR Vasily Tarasyuk, on account of which exceed RUB 1 billion.

The ten largest holders of accounts of the candidates included three more United Russia deputies Alexander Skorobogatko and Irek Boguslavsky, as well as the only high-ranking official list, the first Deputy head of presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin (RUB 539 million). The company is the former Deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol from the party “Green” (540 mln.).

The Deputy-the Communist Nikolay Parshin wrote that on his account RUB 69 million debt to the Bank. The investigative Committee suspected him of fraud in the sale of the school building in the Volgograd region, in 2014, Parshin was stripped of his parliamentary immunity, but the mandate was saved. Now he is again elected on the lists of the Communists. To reach him failed. Candidates from the Communist party and Yabloko are the biggest debtors — they mostly are in the top 10 negative accounts.

How many businessmen in partspisok

Most of the businessmen in the Party of growth, headed by the Commissioner for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov — nearly one hundred and fifty candidates have a stake in the business. In “Fair Russia” of about 100 people, a little less — “Patriots of Russia” and “United Russia”.

The candidate from the Party of growth, a businessman from Sevastopol Oleg Nikolaev has interests in 113 companies. His most famous asset — the restaurant “the Island”, he is also the co-owner of Department stores and food service chain. The candidate is known that includes a former speaker of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly.

His colleagues in the party of the businessman from Izhevsk Alexei Culkin shares of 69 companies, of which there are several construction and oil.

For them, the number of shares to be Communist, General Director of “Lider Grupp” Roman Labinov (54 companies).

In the top 30 by number of shares in the business one third of candidates “Fair Russia”. Among them joined the socialist-revolutionaries, the state Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction involved in the “Panama records” Igor Ananskih (19 companies).

One property abroad

About the presence of foreign real estate said only 63 of the candidate, that is, each of the seventies.

Largest number of owners of overseas property — 14 “United Russia”. In the second place “Fair Russia” — 13 candidates from the parliamentary opposition declared foreign ownership.

In third place beginners campaign — the Party of growth (11), the Communist party has five candidates for the other parties even less.

There is no information about foreign real estate only “Communists of Russia”.

Of the 27 countries in which candidates have real estate, the majority of European countries. The most popular candidates — Bulgaria, where they have real 15. Six candidates chose Latvia and Spain, five candidates have property in Ukraine, four in Germany.

In Turkey, with which Russia has relations were restored only this month, property retained by the candidate “Fair Russia” Alexander Balls, purchased the Villa in 2012.

In Georgia, with which Russia has no diplomatic relations, real estate owned by the candidate and the acting Deputy Otari Arshba with his wife (only 11 sites).

The most expensive property declared by the candidate from “Fair Russia” Timur Kanokov: in 2014, he bought a building and land in Germany of 136 million rubles.

In second place — the candidate from the Communist party Vladimir blocky spent in 2013 on a house in the UK 102 million rubles the head of the enterprise “Murmansk trawl fleet”. Followed the leader “the Civil platform” Rinat Shaikhutdinov, purchased in 2015, real estate in Italy over 89 million rubles.

Some candidates were not limited to one property: in addition to spouses Arshba’s former economy Minister Andrei Nechayev (Batch growth) — it has four apartments in Bulgaria and one with land in Germany.

One of the richest MPs, Mikhail Slipenchuk (Batch growth) — has declared an apartment in France and a house with a plot in the Congo. From walking on the lists of the same party of the former adviser to President Boris Yeltsin, Sergei Stankevich three apartments (in Latvia, Poland and Montenegro).

What cars have

The most popular brand of car candidates is a Toyota (465 persons from all parties prefer a Japanese Corporation), half of which are variations on Land Cruiser (basic of about 2 million rubles on the site “Toyota”) and Camry (base equipment costs about 970 thousand rubles).

On the second place on popularity among candidates AVTOVAZ. Those 378 people. Move on cars of domestic production mostly candidates of parties and the Communist party “Communists of Russia”.

Mercedes-Benz took the third place in popularity among the candidates: 271 cars, mostly of 2013-2014.

There are luxury brands. Lamborghini LM002 1990, worth 15 million rubles. owns Alexander Inshakov (“Patriots of Russia”), Soviet and Russian actor and film Director.

The owner of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 worth 15 million rubles. 2008 release is new leader of St. Petersburg branch of LDPR Oleg Captains.

Rolls-Royce Wraith 2014, which costs around RUB 15 million was from a representative of the Communist party of Igor dzutseva.

There are a few lovers of exclusive antiquities (in particular, Bair Tsyrenov of the Communist party) who prefers Barkas-Werke, VEB 1971 release.

The oldest cars in the fleet are candidates for “Buick century” in 1938 (the Party of pensioners, Eugene Artyukh), GAZ-M 20, 1951 (Boris Mishin, the Communist party) and GAZ-M 20, 1952 (LDPR Alexei Didenko).