Turkish prosecutors asked for two life Gulen, and 1900 years in prison

Turkish prosecutors have requested for a religious leader Fethullah gülen, accused of organizing an attempted military coup in Turkey, two life sentences and 1900. years in prison, according to Anadolu.

According to the Agency, the scope of the indictment amounted to 2,527 thousand pages.

Attempt a military coup in Turkey occurred on the night of 16 July. According to Turkish authorities, the ideologue of the rebellion in Ankara was a preacher Fethullah Gulen, has been for many years living in the United States. Gulen himself denies any involvement in the coup.

Authorities believe that evidence of his involvement in the organization of the coup is undeniable. The day before, August 15, Erdogan said that the United States will have to choose between Ankara and Turkey, and an unwillingness to extradite the preacher may cost them their friendship with Ankara.