United Russia will go to the polls with 12 quotes Putin

“United Russia” has selected 12 quotations of President Vladimir Putin, which will be posted on the billboards of the party, said two sources in the leadership of United Russia. The six phrases of them is addressed in General for all Russians, and the other six refer to individual categories of citizens: teachers, farmers, health workers, business people, pensioners and young people.

Campaign materials will appear on the streets after 20 August — this date marks the beginning of the official period of campaigning for the Duma elections (held 18 September). On billboards there are no images of Putin: the law in the campaign you cannot use a photo of a person who is not the candidate of the party. Is the symbolism of the “United Russia”, its ordinal number in the ballot (No. 4) and a short quote of Putin, who signed his name.

Quotes of the President about his party and ideological statements for campaigning, United Russia has picked up from his speech at the Congress of “United Russia” on 27 June: “the policy of the “United Russia” — a deep understanding of state interests”; “the assemblage Point of the country became the “United Russia”; “Always and everywhere act in the interests of the people”; “the Most important thing for us is people”; “We need Russia, where everyone can realize themselves, their talent, their ability”; “to Appreciate the confidence of the people, to promise only what what I can do”.

Voters from the number of teachers, United Russia has chosen the phrase of the President, said at a meeting with winners of competition “the Teacher of year of Russia” in October last year: “Without decent wages, not to enhance the prestige of teachers, the profession, the most important in any society”. Teachers ‘ salaries have become one of the most scandalous fact, after the spread of video with the statement of leader of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev at the forum “Territory meanings.” In response to the question about the low teachers ‘ salaries, the Prime Minister said that making money in business, and a teacher is a calling. Later in the Kremlin explained that I believe the scandal of this statement is “custom” campaign against Medvedev and the party.

Farmers United Russia will resemble Putin’s speech at the end of April this year, the awarding the title of Hero of labour of Russia: “the Growth of domestic agriculture is directly dependent on those working in the field, on the ground.”

Two phrases taken from the speeches of Putin and thematic forums of the party — medical in September 2015 business and in January of this year: “the most Important of those is the training and social guarantees, wages of medical workers”; “We need success for small business: the small business needs them, and the country needs”.

In the last presidential address to the Federal Assembly United Russia liked the phrase about youth: “we Have a very interesting and motivated children and young people. We must do everything that the guys had equal opportunity for a successful start in life”.

The earliest used quotes Putin has sounded at session of Presidium of the state Council in August 2014 and addressed to pensioners: “We must do everything possible to help the elderly be healthy, feel comfortable that the retirement did not reduce their social status”.

Seeing Putin himself, the voter is otherwise relate to his words, the Chairman of the Board of the Center for political technologies, Boris Makarenko. “All quotes are reasonable and correct, truths. But people will compare them with the real situation. Society is configured pessimistic towards career, social, and economic opportunities, so life-affirming quotations will be received them with skepticism,” — says the analyst.

Importantly, these are the words of Putin and will be signed his name, says the President in the Minchenko consulting Evgeny Minchenko. “Our research shows that one of the key reasons to vote for “United Russia” for people is that this is Putin’s party, although without the visual image, the efficiency of agitation will be lower. Quoting Putin, there is no clear segmentation, no specific positioning of the “United Russia”, just the right words,” — said the analyst.

United Russia has already used this year the image of the President. In may, before conducting primaries they hung around the country posters with the image of participants of preliminary voting and the slogan “it is Important to Choose the Right thing.” These words were written in a column and formed the initials of President Vladimir Putin. “It is our moral leader. We really can not be without him,” explained then a source close to the leadership of the party.

In past elections, United Russia used not only quote the President, but also his image. Now, during the active part of the campaign, you need even more clearly “stitch” the image of the President with the party, said a source in the leadership of “United Russia”.

In addition to the billboards with quotes Putin will still be two lines with visual propaganda, said informed the interlocutors in the party. First, the posters will appear in the campaign using the image of Medvedev, second, there would be billboards with the slogans of United Russia party members of their election program: “to Act in the interests of the people — our goal”; “to Hear the voice of everyone is our responsibility”; “to Create and secure the future of Russia is our goal”. In addition to the billboards the United Russia party prepared even TV commercials. Some of them will be Putin’s statements, and some will involve candidates from “United Russia”, which pagetimeout for the party, says United Russia.