Every seventh candidate in deputies of the state Duma reported zero income

346 candidates in deputies of the state Duma has not received income for 2015 and do not have savings in Bank accounts, should be published on the website of the Central election Commission information about their income. This is 7.6% of the total number of candidates, nominated to the state Duma according to party lists (total of 4534).

Most of these candidates from the party “Civil force” (74 of 226 candidates elected on the party list) and the “Communists of Russia” (73 of 376 candidates). A lot of applicants for the Deputy chair of the Party of pensioners for justice (64 people) and “homeland” (40).

No candidates with zero accounts and income from the “United Russia”, CPRF and “Patriots of Russia”. Do not specify the income account and in the declarations of the eight candidates, “Fair Russia” and six representatives of the liberal democratic party.

Many of these candidates have indicated a value of zero at all points of declarations under cars, real estate, suburban areas, deposits, and shares in the business. For example, four candidates from the socialist-revolutionaries in the declarations, no accounts, no apartments, no cars. Half of the candidates from the Party of pensioners with zero income did not specify shares, flats and accounts.

The liberal democratic party selected the candidates with zero income are headed by regional lists. For example, the first number in the regional group in Tatarstan is a member of the party, Andrey Kudryashov, born in 1991: it is indicated in the document only apartment in the country. “These are ordinary citizens, party members and zero balance all this information some day: he received salary and spent the money from the card,” explained a member of the high Council of LDPR Alexander Kurdyumov.

Zero income declared every seventh candidate (13.5%) to only 609. For example, the candidate from LDPR Sergey Abeltsev has indicated zero earnings, but on its accounts in different banks is about 12 million rubles. More among all reporting zero income candidates from the “Civic force” (130), least of all from the “United Russia” (one person).

Such people are often found in lists of parties-outsiders in the election race, says political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “I think that we are talking about candidates who make no claims, candidates for mass. Someone who lives on the family funds, someone temporarily nitrocotton. It seems that some of the party formed a list in a hurry. Filled jobs by those who were at hand,” he said.

About earnings for the year below the subsistence minimum per capita (in 2015 for the working population of Russia it amounted to RUB 10 524) reported 483 candidate. Most of these candidates are coming from “Communists of Russia”.

Of the 14 parties that will take part in the elections, the “poor” were “Civil force”. More than half of its candidates (59,29%) indicated earning below 10 thousand RUB to get through to the representatives of the party failed.

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