In Kiev losses from Russian sanctions is estimated at $1.4 billion to the end of the year

Losses of Ukrainian economy in 2016 from trade restrictions imposed by Russia, will make about $1.4 billion. About it in interview to the edition of “Apostrophe” said Deputy Minister of economy of Ukraine Natalia Mykolskiy.

“By the end of 2016, according to our estimates, due to the measures introduced by Russia, we will have a loss to the economy approximately $1 billion,” she said.

“If we talk about annual losses in connection with restrictions of transit in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, comes to $0.4 billion, GDP losses amount to 0.3 percentage points,” — said the Deputy Minister.

Gaina said that in her estimation it is only on direct losses. “If you take the chain, then add the loss of the Ukrainian carriers, the loss of the logistics sector, production packaging. All of this is layered”, she concluded.