Opened in Moscow exchange bitcoins

Exchange bitcoins called BTC24pro opened on Novy Arbat street, the publication reported ForkLog that specializiruetsya on the news about cryptocurrencies. The publication reported that while clients of the item is available only to transactions for the sale of bitcoins, and the exchange is carried out entirely in private.

One of the organizers of the exchange, who identified himself as Vitaly, said that while item works only with bitcoins, but there are plans to exchange and other cryptocurrencies.

According to him, the decision to open was made after authorities refused to adopt a law prohibiting the trafficking of cryptocurrencies on the territory of Russia (August 12, “Interfax” citing a source close to the financial-economic bloc of the government reported that the Prosecutor General’s office, Ministry of justice, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and the government has agreed that the reason to introduce criminal liability for the circulation of bitcoins is not).

To reveal the cost of opening the exchange, the interlocutor has refused. He also did not specify the volume of transactions that clients request. “People who have traded bitcoins for currency, was a little, here, since yesterday we started, before we were preparing the exchange,” he said. According to him, the exchange “has the ability to change a large sum to 1 million rubles”.

The interviewee also noted that no documentation for the opening of the exchanger is not required. “Everything is absolutely legal, there is no law that would regulate this activity,” he said.

The Ministry of Finance introduced amendments providing for the imposition of penalties for the production of monetary surrogates in 2014, but the proposal of the Ministry criticized the Ministry of economic development. To this issue the Ministry of Finance returned at the end of last year, proposing to set the maximum penalty for the release, the purchase for the purpose of sale and distribution of money substitutes in the form of one year of corrective labor for nationals and two years for organized groups. In the spring the Ministry of Finance proposed to punish the circulation of cryptocurrency by deprivation of liberty for a term up to seven years. The Ministry pointed out that the use of money substitutes is associated with high level of risk and can result in the violation of human rights involved in trafficking of bona fide persons.”

In July 2015, President Vladimir Putin made the use of cryptocurrency as a unit of calculation in some areas. At the same time he noticed that the money was “unsecured”. Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov explained that Putin was not talking about bitcoin. “It was about some forms of imputation. It should not be taken as specific support for bitcoin”, — said Peskov.

The head of Sberbank German Gref in September, spoke against the ban of cryptocurrencies in Russia. “It seems to us, as professionals in this part that this is definitely not something that should be banned”, he said. Gref also noted that he himself belongs to “a little bit of bitcoin.