The authorities of Moscow refused to coordinate action on the anniversary of 1991 coup

The Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow refused to coordinate action at the place of death of the defenders of the White house during the coup in August 1991, said one of the organizers, member and Executive Secretary of the Federal political Council of movement “Solidarity” Michael Schneider on his page in Facebook.

“We got the standard runaround. We refused,” he wrote, noting that the authorities have given the answer “violation of terms”. Schneider recalled that a commemorative event on August 20 at for 24 years was conducted on the site of the death of heroes of the Soviet Union Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichevsky and Vladimir Usov.

In its response, the Moscow authorities invited the organizers to hold mourning action in Hyde Park in Sokolniki, and the rally on Suvorovskaya square, said Schneider. He noted that the ceremony of raising the national flag of Russia on August 22 default suggested not do it at all.

Schneider called suggestions of city hall “mocking”, stressing that the organizers do not accept them. According to him, the organizers on Thursday will submit its response to the mayor, and on Friday will address to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

Schneider has also published photographs of letters of the Department, which indicates that in claimed areas for action there are no grounds for holding public events with the planned number of participants and demonstration site is being renovated the road network and reconstruction of street space in the framework of the program “My street”.

Originally planned two activities: commemorative event on 20 August in memory of the fallen in 1991, the defenders of the White house and the raising of the flag on August 22 in honor of the victory over the emergency Committee, explained in his blog on “echo of Moscow” another campaign organizer, human rights activist Lev Ponomarev.

“Both promotions were always on the same place — on the crossing of Garden ring and New Arbat”, — he wrote, Recalling that in the tunnel under this intersection and was killed in the night from 20 to 21 August 1991, Komar, Krichevsky and Usov. He noted that over this place since then, a memorial sign and a flagpole with the flag, also there is a Playground, “each time that safely accommodate all participants”.

According to Ponomarev, acting head of the security Department of the Moscow mayor’s office Vasily Oleinik said on the phone to one of the applicants that all the shares will be agreed. However, eight days after filing the answer came that the action is not consistent.

The human rights activist added that the workers who are carrying out repair in claimed areas, said that work must end on the evening of 17 August.

The August coup — an attempted ouster of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev from power taken by the self-proclaimed State emergency Committee (GKCHP) on August 19, 1991. The putschists themselves explained their actions by the necessity of overcoming the profound and comprehensive crisis.” Moscow sent tanks and armored personnel carriers. the standoff lasted three days and resulted in the defeat of the coup. Three people — Komar, Krichevsky and Usov — were killed in the collision of defenders of the White house with a column of armored vehicles in the tunnel on the Garden ring.