The investigation of approximate Shakro Young gave the FSB

The investigation of approximate a reputable businessman Shakro Young “Italian” by Andrei Kochanova transferred to the FSB. This was told by a source close to the investigation. This was confirmed by a second source familiar with the investigation.

Himself Kochunov transferred to the detention facility “Lefortovo”.

The parties also do not rule out that the Federal investigation will do the work of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young), but in the end all things will be United in one production, including the fact of creation of criminal group and bribery.

Kochunov and Eduard Romanov was arrested in December 2015, after he had participated in clashes near the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya street. According to the materials of the case, they, on behalf of Shakro demanded that the owner, Jeanne, Kim paid his debt to designer Fatima Misikova. The talks lasted several hours and ended with a shootout that killed two men who had come with them. Kochunov and Romanov was charged with hooliganism (article 213 of the criminal code), murder was the accused’s lawyer, Kim Edward Budantsev, who shot from his Beretta premium gun.

At the request of investigators court has sent Budantseva under house arrest, and Kochanova and Romanov — in jail. Spring it Kochanova and Romanov has been transferred from the capital dome to the investigative Department for the Central DISTRICT, and in may the charge was retrained on softer article “arbitrariness” (article 330 of the criminal code).

In June, the criminal case was transferred for investigation to the investigative Department of the interior, and the prosecution again changed — this time on “extortion” (article 163 of the criminal code). A month later, on July 13, the case is under arrest and himself Shakro.

Within a few days after the arrest of Shakro the investigators of the investigative Department of the FSB instituted several criminal cases in respect of Kalashov, and employees of the RCDS.

As told by two sources close to the investigation, the first was the initiation of two cases against Shakro — under article 210 (creation of criminal community) and article 291 (giving a bribe). But he charges for these items still did not show.

After that, the investigators of the FSB opened a criminal case against Maximenko and Lamonova. A criminal case was initiated against nikandrova last — it was initiated personally by the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin.

Now the matter is Kotunova and Romanov submitted for investigation to the FSB, the sources say.