The Pentagon reminded the Damascus on the right to self-defence in Syria

The Ministry of defence of the USA declared readiness to protect servicemen of the coalition if their lives are in danger when the air strikes the government forces of Bashar al-Assad, writes The Wall Street Journal.

“We are considering very seriously the cases when employees of the coalition find themselves in a risky situation, and we have the inalienable right to self-defence,” said Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis. According to him, the Syrian military “wisely” would not interfere with the actions of the American forces and coalition partners.

“We have made clear that the US air force will protect the ground forces if they are to threaten”, — he stressed.

Davis spoke about incidente in al-Hasaka, when the government of the Syrian air force struck near the American special forces. As explained by Davis, the coalition led by the United States dispatched to the area of al-Hasaka military aircraft for protection of special forces, but when the US fighters arrived, the Syrian su-24 aircraft had already left.