Commander of US forces in Syria, has warned about the plans to defend themselves when threatened

According to the commander of U.S. troops in Syria and Iraq Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the us has warned Russia about the whereabouts of their forces, and if they are attacked by the Syrian air force, they will defend themselves,” reports CNN.

“We told the Russian where we are, they told us that he had informed the Syrians. I just would say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened”, — said the channel Townsend.

Thus Townsend, newly appointed commander of the troops in Iraq this week, responded to the incident in al-Hasaka, when the government of the Syrian air force struck near the American special forces. According to CNN, Townsend became the first American military leader, publicly speaking after that incident with a warning against Moscow and Damascus.

In conversation with CNN’s Townsend also expressed hope that the Islamic state (is Russia grouping “Islamic state”) will be defeated next year. “That’s my goal. I intend to do it,” — said Lieutenant General.

That the Syrian fighter jets carried out airstrikes in the region, where the US special forces, Pentagon spokesman reported on 20 August. He said that the channels associated with the security, was contacted with the Russian side, which assured that the attacks were committed not by its fighters. Moscow asked to convey to the Syrian government that the US air force will protect the special forces in the event of threats, said the representative of the Pentagon. Later, the Ministry of defence of the USA declared readiness to protect servicemen of the coalition if their lives are threatened air strikes if the government forces of Bashar al-Assad.