Krasnodar farmers declared blocking of the rally on Moscow

Police stopped a tractor mileage Krasnodar farmers. This was stated by the organizer of the March Alexey Volchenko.

According to him, they “blocked every move, and caught, perhaps half of the Rostov police. Just blocked 17 tractors, two trucks and passenger cars. In the blocking of the farmers are involved, according to Volchenko, 20 patrol cars of the police and 150 Agency staff.

“No reason stop employees are not misleading,” added Volchenko. “I was trying to figure out why the tractor could not safely move around the territory of the Russian Federation. To explain anything and could not”, — said the organizer of the action.

Duty officer of the press service of the Rostov Department of internal Affairs Ekaterina vasiltseva stated that they “clarify information” about the incident.

The tractor stopped in the village Road near Rostov-na-Donu, added Volchenko “bi-Bi-si”. Now the farmers intend to go to Krasnodar and chat with our Governor,” said Volchenko . According to him, Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia promised them that if the authorities fail to negotiate with the farmers, they will open the road to Moscow”. If the road is not open, then I will publicly say that he’s a liar,” said Volchenko.

On the morning of 22 August Volchenko told me that they were faced with constant checks on the roads. “Only in the Krasnodar region stopped 7-8 times, for a long time — 40-50 minutes, checking the documents, designed the protocols for 2 hours”, — he said.

Farmers from the Krasnodar region started the tractor rally on Moscow on the eve of August 22. Before leaving they held a rally in the village of Kazan Caucasus region of Krasnodar Krai.

In the last few years in the Krasnodar region there was a “bad practice”, told the newspaper “Krestyanskie Vedomosti” Alexey Volchenko. “Local authorities either refuse to landowners in the allocation of their legitimate shares, or wrongly convey the land to the use of third parties, most often large agricultural holdings, or even violate the rights of property,” he said.

“Large agricultural holdings are taken from farmers’ land, the shareholders of the land and actually gets down on his knees, because the village lives off the money that set the farmers and agricultural holdings, all registered in Cyprus in offshore and so on,” added Volchenko in the conversation C. the Main requirement of the protesters — “to restore order in the courts”.

In March 2016 the Kuban farmers have wanted to hold a tractor run in Moscow. In the action was supposed to take about a hundred farmers. They were going to pass an appeal to President Vladimir Putin. Then the leadership of the popular front managed to dissuade farmers from shares and promised to talk with the leaders of the region to restore order in land relations.