The Russian military left the base in Iran

Russian soldiers left the base Hamadan in Iran. About this “Interfax” said the Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan of jagaran.

“At the moment, nobody from our Hamadan’s gone,” said jagaren.

According to the Ambassador, the Russian side sees no obstacles to the future use of the airbase in Hamedan. He also admitted that the operations of Russian air force base can be renewed by decision of the leadership of the two countries.

“There is no reason for concern. If the leadership of our two countries deem it necessary, expedient, and reach the appropriate agreements, what problems can be?” — said the diplomat.

Earlier official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry said that the Russian military ceased using the base. “Russia has no bases in Iran, she is not based here. They performed this operation, and she’s currently completed,” he said.

In turn, the defense Minister of Iran, Hossein Dehgan has subjected Moscow criticized for “bragging” and “ungentlemanly conduct”. In his opinion, the Russian authorities have shown them to include information about the use of Hamadan.