CNN learned about the attacks by Russian hackers on the American media

The FBI and other US intelligence agencies are investigating the recent months, cyber-attacks on The New York Times and other American publications, reports CNN with slyly to sources.

According to the interlocutors of the channel, the investigators believe that the attack on the American media made hackers, backed by Russian intelligence, and the hacks have become part of a broader series of attacks, among which which were also Democratic party of the United States.

The FBI declined to comment on CNN this information, the representative of The New York Times also could not confirm the fact of attack or investigation.

“Like most media, we vigilantly protect itself against attempts to hack our systems from attempts to hack our systems. There are a number of approaches that we apply, including work with the assistance of investigators and law enforcement officers. We will not comment on any particular attempt to gain unauthorized access to The New York Times,” told CNN the press Secretary of the newspaper, Eileen Murphy.

According to sources the channel, representatives of the American intelligence agencies believe that the recent series of break-ins shows that Russian intelligence agencies use wave attacks, including in relation to think tanks in Washington, to collect information from a wide range of non-governmental organizations which have access to the political system of the United States.

Media are considered as a main goal, because they can provide valuable information about the contacts of the reporters in the government, as well as unpublished papers with sensitive information, sources tells CNN.