The Finance Ministry has proposed to allow to pay for insurance for new cars in installments

The Finance Ministry proposes to provide to owners of new vehicles the possibility to issue the insurance policy directly for 2-3 years, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev, the TV channel “Russia”. According to Moses, it will allow the car owner not to run to the insurance company every year.

At the same time, said the official, payment of the policy may be carried out in installments and when calculating the price for each year based on the number of accidents (the coefficient “bonus-Malus”).

According to Moses, the Ministry of Finance also proposes to abandon some of the factors affecting the cost of insurance policy. In particular, we are talking about the regional coefficients. To put the car on accounting now possible in any region, so to say that the cost of the policy should differ depending on the level of accidents in the region, does not make sense, said the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance.

“From this it is necessary to leave,” he said.

The same is true, according to the Deputy Minister, and the power of the car, which also affects the cost of insurance. “MIA gave us statistics, which clearly indicates that there is no connection between the accident and the power of the car,” he said. Therefore, according to the official, to snap the horsepower to the cost of the policy does not make sense.

How can get cheaper insurance, not Alexei Moiseev said, adding that thanks to innovations will benefit the owners of more powerful machines. “If there is a bullish factor, it remains the basic rate”, — he said.

However, the Finance Ministry is not ready to decouple the cost of the insurance policy the age of the car. “Usually older cars have problems with reliability of the brake system, steering system. So there are issues,” — said the Deputy Minister.

In addition, according to Moses, to double payments to owners, making the accident by europrotocol. Now the maximum size of payments on the Euro Protocol is 50 thousand. Moses added that the car owner should be able to choose the service in which the insurer offers to repair the machine. One of the criteria, according to the Ministry of Finance can become, how close the car is from the place of residence of the client of the insurance company. A citizen should have the right to complain about the quality of the service to the insurer, not to be left one on one with the employees of the service station, added Moiseev.

That the Ministry of Finance is preparing a reform of the CTP, became known in early August. How to write “Vedomosti”, the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) is not supported most of the proposals of the Ministry.