Turkish tanks and aircraft bombed positions of the IG in Syria

Turkey has dealt 70 tank strikes on positions “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in the Syrian Dzharablus. This was reported by Turkish TV channel NTV, citing military sources.

According to interlocutors of the channel, the aviation international coalition, which includes Turkey, was struck by another 12 goals. Sources said that the operation carried out by Turkish F-16 fighter jets. According to NTV, army Turkey uses artillery and jet systems of volley fire.

The channel also has information that Ankara notified about the beginning of the special operation of the Russian authorities.

In turn, CNN Turk reports that Turkish tanks close to the border with Syria and opened fire on the positions of Islamists, but the actual border crossing.

Turkish military sources told Reuters that a ground operation has not yet begun, but a group of Turkish special forces have already crossed the border with Syria. According to another source, is now working on trafficking in the SAR of the army.

Turkish special forces and aircraft, supported by military aircraft from the U.S.-led coalition launched an operation in Northern Syria on August 22. Their goal is to destroy the militants along the border with Turkey.

Reuters notes that Turkey has used military aircraft for strikes on Syria for the first time from November 2015, when the Turkish military shot down a Russian su-24. The Agency adds that Washington and Ankara hope that, removing ISIS from the border, they will be able to cut off the group from smuggling route for militants come and goes with trafficking.

Turkey has promised to “fully cleanse” the border from the militants after a suicide bomber suspected of being involved in a group that staged terrorist attack in the Kurdish southeastern city of Gaziantep. His victims were 54 people. also on 23 August, the Turkish police launched raids against militants in Istanbul.