Reuters reported the new Turkish tanks on Syrian territory

At least nine Turkish tanks entered Northern Syria on Thursday as part of operation “shield of the Euphrates against the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). About it reports Reuters with reference to eyewitnesses.

However, according to a senior Turkish official, quoted by the Agency, on the territory of Syria are now more than 20 Turkish tanks and, if necessary, the number of tanks and construction equipment will be increased.

“We need construction machinery to open the road, and in the coming days, technicians will need more. We also have armored vehicles that could be used on the Syrian side, and we can put them into operation as needed,” said the official.

Turkish tanks supported from the air by planes of the US-led coalition went to Syria on Wednesday morning, July 24. This was preceded by massive shelling of areas occupied by terrorists. Sources Reuters reported on six Turkish tanks on Syrian territory.

The Syrian foreign Ministry called the operation of Turkey against ISIL militants on its territory a violation of the sovereignty of the country. The foreign Ministry said that any operation to combat terrorism within the borders of Syria should be carried out in coordination with Damascus, while the Syrian foreign Ministry accused Ankara that it is trying to replace ISIS and other terrorist groups, calling them rebels.

The United States supported the actions of Ankara and stated that the government of Turkey and America agreed not to prevent the advance of the Kurds to the West of the Euphrates.

Moscow has expressed deep concern in connection with the beginning of the operation the Turkish armed forces in Syria. As mentioned in the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry, the Ministry feared “further deterioration of the situation in the conflict zone.”