Rosreestr has removed information about the sons of the Prosecutor General Chaika

From Rosreestr (the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography (Rosreestr) has completely disappeared information about the owners of the houses previously was of the sons of the Prosecutor General Artem and Igor Chaika. The changes drew the attention of the TV channel “Rain”.

In the obtained extracts from the unified state register on the data objects information about the owners is really missing.

On the suburban estate of the family of Yury Chaika the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny said in December 2015, the investigation dedicated to the business of the family attorney General. In July 2016, the FCO said that the names of Artem and Igor Gulls in the Registry was encrypted as ЛСДУ3 and ЙФЯУ9 respectively.

As of 25 August 2016, Rosreestr did not have these data.

In the statement of Federal registration service from August 25, 2016 on a house area of 1953 sq m, which is in October 2015, was registered on Artema the Seagull, and in June 2016 — on an individual ЛСДУ3, in the column “owner” is now listed: “the natural person missing Value.

In the extract from Rosreestr to the guest house with an area of 572 sq m, was in October of 2015 Igor Chaika, and in June 2016 — ЙФЯУ9, also now there is no information about the owner.

In background information on real property in Rosreestra cadastral parcel number, which was registered on Artem Chaika, stated that the latest changes were introduced on 17 August 2016, drew attention to the “Rain”. Information of the Federal registration service about the house, which was registered by Igor Chaika, stated that it was last updated on August 21, 2016, follows from the statements.

sent a request in Rosreestr.

Previously, the FCO had already filed a lawsuit against the service, accusing him of concealing information in connection with the disappearance of the base names of the sons of the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika. But Tagansky court in July suspended the consideration of the claim. The court granted the petition of the representative of the Federal registration service, which demanded an end to the process due to the fact that the plaintiffs rights were not violated, and they are not directly interested in the case, reported Bi-bi-si.

FBK employees has accused the Agency of concealing the information of public importance available in the open source. The short version of an extract from Rosreestr about real estate is available to any adult citizen of writing a letter and paying legal costs. The information contained in the Unified state register of rights, are public unless they are government, commercial, medical confidentiality. The FCO in its lawsuit pointed out that to classify data about the owners of the property only by court decision.