The Ministry of Finance was going to get from “Gazprom” additional 170 billion rubles

Moscow. August 25. The Finance Ministry has developed an additional package of tax exemptions in 2017. Write about it on Thursday, “Vedomosti”, with reference to the three Federal officials, and participants in the discussions from the industry. Next year you plan to retire with the oil and gas industry 320 billion rubles, of which 170 billion rubles is planned to collect with “Gazprom” and 150 billion fees will have on the oil industry.

In particular, a one-time tax increase on the oil companies, which was effective only in the current year, will be extended, which will give 200 billion. in addition, 100 billion rubles is planned to collect with “Gazprom”. Also he want to take another 70 billion that will give the amount of 370 billion rubles. However, tax reform in the oil industry (a tax on added income, PDM) will deprive the Ministry of Finance 50 billion, which will reduce the amount of up to 320 billion rubles, “Vedomosti”.

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The newspaper cited officials who claim that the increase in mineral extraction tax is considered to be almost solved the issue, adding that vs will perform the Ministry of energy, but the result is predictable.

The increase in mineral extraction tax for gas and gas condensate are established only for 2016, resemble “Vedomosti”, referring to the August statement of the Deputy chief of Department “Gazprom” Nadia Ziatdinova. In her words, to increase the tax burden or to keep it the same as this year, will require amendments to the laws, and this should meet the new state Duma.

However, according to “Vedomosti”, the Ministry of Finance is to remind that “Gazprom”. In particular, the fact that he has paid in dividends 50% of net profit under IFRS, as required in the Directive of the government, and 21.8% for which the budget has lost 85 billion.

In turn, the oil industry in 2016, had planned to raise 200 billion rubles, in 2017 will take the same, but the Ministry of Finance planned to fix this sum in absolute terms, the publication adds. Collect all 200 billion in the current year did not happen because of the increase in load was carried out in freeze reduction of duties (and met up), added the Ministry of Finance of difficulties, because the revenues from fees decrease with the decrease in oil prices.

So it is not repeated, and I quote “Vedomosti” Federal official, will simply increase the severance tax, for example, to the ruble from the barrel, the maneuver is continued, the fee will decrease to 30%.