Mutko called the falsified report McLaren on doping in Russia

The Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko said that the WADA report of the Commission headed by Richard McLaren not legally hold water. According to the Minister, “everything is rigged”, he declared on air of TV channel “Match TV”.

“On Monday we will start working on the report. We made conclusions on it, it will be sent to the IOC, WADA and all international Federation. We hired the best lawyers of the country. They analyzed everything, and the conclusion of the report is that everything is fabricated and tailored to the circumstances and the situation. His legal technique is not tenable. — said Mutko.

In addition, he promised that the Ministry will appeal to the civil courts. “Then all the people who wrote and something accused will be prosecuted,” — said the Minister.

Mutko also promised to involve the investigation of a company that made cans for collection and storage of samples. “We refer to the so-called leadership of the Swiss company that produced cans for sampling. If they are publicly accused that they have substandard products, we want to answer the world and the sports community, after all they have quality products?”, — he explained.

“All the notations they jar without mechanical damage cannot be opened. Today we will send all requests”, — promised Mutko.